Some shirt design unfortunately only got printed in small batches and never done again. This page is for collecting interest and help people to coordinate redoing some of them.

Fuck U

The first two photos on will be redone and reproduced in germany. Prices are not yet set, neither shipping costs, but you can put your interest on here in the meantime. They can be delivered at next DebConf or LinuxTag:

We are Debian

During the LinuxTag 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany, daniel and also some others had the idea to create a t-shirt with the official logo, the "We are Debian"-slogan and possibly also the login name printed on it (for fun, also the current package list or function within Debian could be added).

This t-shirt could be made for all Debian Developers so that they can wear it at fairs and at a booths to show that they are Debian Developers. Being at a somewhat larger fair it is nearly impossible to distinguish between Debian Developers and Debian fans. Due to very popular Debian merchandising, almost everyone wears some sort of a Swirl, often without knowing what it is (they just like it ;))

Currently, we think of a black polo-shirt. In the next days, someone could add sample pictures here to discuss. They could be produced together with the Fuck U-shirts. Anybody interested can already add their name to the list.