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Every user wants to setup his own shell to their liking.

Probably setting an EDITOR variable is the most important thing ever.

When I used bash, I setup .bashrc to be like:

 EDITOR=mcedit; export EDITOR 

Now with zsh, my .zshrc looks like:

# set screen window name (this is really a nice trick if you use screen)
if [[ $TERM == "screen" ]]; then
    preexec() { echo -ne "\033k$1\033\\" }
EDITOR=mcedit; export EDITOR
export PS1='%n@%m:%~%(!.#.$) '
unset RPS1

People that create Debian packages will also want to set  DEBEMAIL  and  DEBFULLNAME .

Users may also consider sites such as Bashish, which provides a "theme" like infrastructure, and lots of themes.

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