Shashank Kumar | realslimshanky

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Email: <>

IRC: realslimshanky




Country: India +05:30 UTC

About Me

I'm an Open Source contributor and Python enthusiast. I've just started my journey with Debian and I'm excited to probe and contribute to some cool projects :)

Interested In

I'm interested to work on Web and Python projects. I've been working on my own projects for a while now which can be seen on GitHub. I actively contribute to FOSSASIA, Python India, The Geeky Way and others on ?GitHub as well.


One can often find me speaking in meetups about the technologies I'm working on or delivering a workshop in and around colleges to share my knowledge. One of them landed on Youtube about Telegram bot using Python. Most of my presentations can be found on

Community Work

I'm a co-organizer of PyDelhi, Mozilla Delhi Open Community and GNDG. I volunteer for multiple communities promoting Open Source technologies like Indian Linux User Group Delhi, PyLadies Delhi, LinuxChix India, Women Who Go Delhi and PyData Delhi.