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Hi, I'm a geek of many wikis, ?TheOriginalWiki, EmacsWiki, ?PythonWiki, ?HaskellWiki, etc, etc

My canonical wiki page is at: ShaeErisson

DebianGnuLinux is my choice of Linuces

I've started the ?debian tribe for Tribes2, Tmail me to join

I started the #debian-fi channel for finnish residents who use Debian, drop by the ?FreeNode IRC network to hang out with us.

I keep meaning to become a DebianDeveloper, but it hasn't quite happened yet.

you can email me:


I use the ?DvorakKeyboard, ?EmacsEditor with the X prefixed, ?KinesisKeyboard, ?PythonLanguage, ?HaskellLanguage, ?JavaLanguage, and small stuff like SQL, JavaScript, bash script

my debian wishlist is to find some way to figure out when a package was added so I can get a listing of all new packages since date X

A workaround is to use aptitude .. it has a "forget new packages"-option.