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Web-based map and data export to the various data about [[DebianLocations|locations]] associated with Debian. This comes up a lot for keysigning and other things.

Debian services

This page is maintained in association to discussions held on the Debian Services Admin mailing list and lists services running on Debian machines, be they Web services, mail gateways, command line tools or anything else.

Note that official services on debian.org machines are maintained by the DSA team (Debian System Administration team).

More unofficial services, (sometimes experimental) are hosted on debian.net machines and maintained by Debian project members.

If you are experimenting for a future service, you are adviced to talk to the DSA team early in advance, so that you maximize the chances that you will meet the requirements for a production system on debian.org machines. You may ask for guidance on the debian-services-admin@l.d.o mailing list.

Services confirmed by the Census




  • Service Name: Buildd.Net

  • Service Short Description: (unofficial) Buildd centric view on the autobuilder network

  • Service Documentation: http://www.buildd.net/

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): ?IngoJuergensmann

Debian CD builder

Debian CD search engine

Circular dependencies tracker

  • Service Name: Circular dependencies tracker

  • Service URI: http://debian.semistable.com/debgraph.out.html

  • Service Short Description: list circular dependencies in Debian

  • Service Documentation:

  • Source Code:

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Robert Lemmen

Debian Data Export (down, RFA)

  • Service Name: DDE

  • Service Short Description: A system to make it easy to publish data related to Debian

  • Service Documentation: DDE

  • Service Status : Down, RFA

  • Service Maintainer(s): EnricoZini, looking for other people to take care of it


  • Service Name: ?DebDelta

  • Service Short Description: debdelta is an application suite designed to compute changes between Debian packages. There is a server that generates deltas for upgrades of packages in the Debian repository archives

  • Service Documentation: http://debdelta.debian.net/

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): A Mennucc

Debian Archive

Debian Enhancement Proposals

Debian Metrics Portal

Debian Package Tracker

Debian Package Tracking System


Debian Popularity Contest

Debian Security Tracker

  • Service Name: Debian Security Tracker

  • Service Short Description: Vulnerability tracking for the Debian project

  • Service Documentation: This service maps CVE vulnerability names to affected Debian packages and records fixed versions.

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): team@security.debian.org, security-tracker@lists.debian.org

Debian ShortURL Service

  • Service Name: go.debian.net / deb.li

  • Service Short Description: ShortURL Service for debian (like goo.gl/bit.ly), but with Debian-only access.

  • Service Documentation: deb.li

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): BerndZeimetz <bzed>

Debian Snapshot Service

Debian manpages archive

Debian/m68k buildd ara5

  • Service Name: ara5.mirbsd.org buildd

  • Service Short Description: Autobuilder for the m68k architecture (ARAnyM)

  • Service Documentation: private access, hosted at GPLHost

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): ThorstenGlaser


Debian Bug Tracking System

Debian Build Logs

  • Service Name: Debian Build Logs

  • Service Short Description: Collection of all Logs of the Services/DebianBuilddNetwork

  • Service Documentation: https://buildd.debian.org/

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Debian Autobuild Maintainers

Debian Buildd Network

  • Service Name: Debian Buildd Network

  • Service Short Description: Debian Autobuilder Network for official architectures

  • Service Documentation: https://www.debian.org/devel/buildd/

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Debian Autobuild Maintainers

Debian Catalan Localization Bot

Debian Contributors

Debian Font Review

The Debian Janitor

Debian Single Sign On

  • Service Name: sso.debian.org

  • Service Short Description: Web Single-Sign-On

  • Service Documentation: DebianSingleSignOn

  • Service Status : Working, Needs Help

  • Service Maintainer(s): Martin Zobel-Helas, EnricoZini

Make over 2023

Smile. This section is a just placeholder. Another make over in the year 2023 not yet planned.

Make over 2018


Server Alioth had several tasks, including providing a place where new users can create an account. Those Alioth -guest account where sync to the SSO server. Alioth tasks went to various servers. The New Maintainer process leans on the incoming -guest accounts. There needs be a service that can feed SSO with new accounts.


"predesign" / "early design"

February 2018

What we have

What is missing
  • Placeholder
  • Item
    • Subitem
    • Subitem
  • Item

Debian Sources

Steps for migrating Debsources to sources.debian.org

  • DONE Disk space to host uncompressed sources

  • DONE Disk space for Postgres tables

  • CANCELLED SQLAlchemy to use 'service=' DB access configuration

    • It won't, that's not accepted by the underlying psycopg2
  • DONE Guest access to the machine

  • DONE Update requirements list

  • DONE Apache/wsgi configuration

  • DONE Cronjobs to update sources

  • TODO (not urgent) push notifications for sources updates

  • DONE Populate DB and sources

    • DONE create new tables (copyright, …)
    • DONE remove old rows coming from the test suite
    • DONE configure roles
    • DONE add live suites
    • DONE add archived suites


Debian derivatives census

Developer Horizon

  • Service Name: Developer Horizon

  • Service URLs: http://horizon.debian.net/

  • Service Short Description: A dashboard for developers where they can manage the tasks, events, TODO lists by simple UI built over rest api in python. Developer can connect their github, Debian DMD UDD , and nagios, so that all the events from this websites can be located at one place, also developer or user can add/remove/schedule events and tasks manually.

  • Service Documentation: none yet

  • Source Code: https://github.com/ninjatrench/DeveloperHorizon

  • Service Status : Being setup

  • Service Maintainer(s): IainLearmonth, ?HarshDaftary

  • Service Hosting: Electronics Research Group, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Service Authentication: public

  • Service weaknesses: Not finished yet, current server is temporary waiting on new hardware, not all dependencies packaged in Debian, most problems being addressed in a GSoC project (2016).

Duplication Detector

  • Service Name: dedup.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: Detects duplication of content among Debian binary packages

  • Service Documentation: dedup.debian.net

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Helmut Grohne <helmutg>

Edos Outdated Packages

Edos Debcheck

Edos File Overwrite Errors



  • Service Name: IRC

  • Service Short Description: Debian IRC network

  • Service Documentation: https://wiki.debian.org/IRC/

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): OFTC.net (SPI)


Moving KGB to a DSA-hosted server

Here are some notes about a possible approach to moving the KGB service to a DSA-hosted server.


  • High availability
  • No need to mail the service administrators

Why not

  • different organisation. changes can be hard


KGB already supports conf.d/-style config snippets which makes it possible to separate the configuration of different projects. The hard parts are:

  • make sure that only the original submitter can alter the configuration of her project
  • avoid clashes between the configs of the different projects

All requests for changes need to be signed by a key in the debian developer/maintainer keyrings. The requests are sent to control@kgb.debian.org. Non-signed mails are ignored.

A procmail receipe is created for the control@kgb.debian.org mail, which stores the requests using unique names in /var/lib/kgb/requests. A new daemon process is created on the server polling the directory and serving the requests in the order they have arrived. That process verifies request signature and checks for conflicts. Results are stored under /etc/kgb-bot/conf.d/, named $project.conf. That file has one or more comments # Maintainer: <key-id> in it , showing who can issue the get-config request. /etc/kgb-bot/conf.d/ is under Git control and every change is committed with the mail text used as a commit message.

After each request is processed, results are sent back to the sender and the bot is reloaded.

A new tool is created, kgb-project-admin which helps create and sign requests. It supports the following operations:

  • add-project
    • Prompts interactively for project name, IRC channel name, IRC network (oftc/freenode), password and whether to mirror the notifications to #CIA on freenode. Maintainer is assumed to be the user running the helper (via $DEB_FULL_NAME and $DEB_EMAIL).

  • add-maintainer <project> <maintainer>

  • remove-maintainer <project> <maintainer>

  • change-password <project>

    • Prompts for the new password
  • remove-project <project>

  • get-config <project>

  • more…?


We already keep projects' configuration in separate files (AFAIK). What we possibly miss is the maintainer keys. Perhaps personal mail archives can help here. A mail to debian-devel-announce may be needed at some point. That could also help in making projects change their client configuration to refer to kgb.debian.org instead of the three servers currently used. DNS aliasing seems possible (as long as projects' client configuration refers to kgb.*) for KGB-0 and KGB-1, but not KGB-2.

Work plan

  • Get in touch with the DSA and have their input on the overall mechanics
  • Implement the new request-serving process
  • Implement kgb-project-admin

  • Update the kgb-bot package and make it available for the stable distribution via backports
  • Request a new server from the DSA and install/configure everything
  • Migrate existing projects' configuration
  • Mail debian-devel-announce, add an entry for the developer news
  • Wait for people to migrate their client configurations
  • Stop the current bot instances

Machine-Parseable website stats

Debian Map

  • Service Name: Debian Map

  • Service URLs: https://map.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: An OSM based map of people around Debian

  • Service Documentation:

  • Source Code: https://salsa.debian.org/ukleinek/debianmap/

  • Service Status : Experimental

  • Service Maintainer(s): ?UweKleine-König

  • Service Hosting: VM at hetzner.de

  • Service Authentication: public

  • Service weaknesses:


NTP server pool

  • Service Name: NTP pool

  • Service Short Description: Pool of NTP (network time protocol) servers, used for default ntp installations, e.g. 0.debian.pool.ntp.org

  • Service Documentation:

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): http://www.pool.ntp.org ?

Package Entropy Tracker (PET)



This service aims at providing basic monitoring and alerting for services hosted under the DebianDotNet domain. It does *not* aim at replacing ?DSA's internal monitoring services (which are based on Icinga).

It's mostly built from a git repository as a ?Ansible playbook.

The first setup was done by hand. The following packages were installed:

apt install prometheus prometheus-blackbox-exporter prometheus-alertmanager foot-terminfo git etckeeper unattended-upgrades needrestart ldap-utils

Then a script was written to pull the list of debian.net domains from LDAP, and to shove that in the blackbox exporter configuration. The Prometheus config was tweaked to enable the blackbox exporter ICMP probes. I also had to dpkg-reconfigure the blackbox exporter to give it the extra capabilities needed to run ICMP probes, and lock down to only local host in /etc/default/prometheus-blackbox-exporter.

Most of that configuration except the scrape targets was reimplemented in an Ansible playbook shipped in the above git repository.

Possible improvements would be to maybe tap into the debian.net infra repository for opt-in alert notifications, alongside extra targets configurations, for example node exporters if such hosts are so configured, alongside documentation for admins on how to use this.

Samples are currently kept for a year. Merge requests and feedback welcome in the GitLab project.

Public UDD Mirror

RSS to identi.ca (debian@identi.ca)

  • Service Name: RSS to identi.ca (pump.io social network)

  • Service Short Description: cron job in a personal server which launches spigot to publish the micronews.debian.org RSS feed in the Debian official account in the pump.io network (currently, one post every 5 minutes). The micronews.debian.org feed includes also bits.debian.org posts and announcements that go to www.debian.org/News

  • Service Documentation:

Initial mail:


Current spigot.json configuration:



  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): LauraArjona

  • Service Hosting: personal server at home

  • Service weaknesses: Spigot is not packaged in Debian (yet, RFP #792607). Spigot breaks when parsing the Debian Project News RSS feed (bug #781351, next release of Spigot hopefully will handle that).

Real-time communications (SIP, XMPP, TURN)


  • Service Name: SNITCH Status

  • Service Short Description: Status page for important Debian service

  • Service Documentation: missing?

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Paul Tagliamonte


Ultimate Debian Database (UDD)

  • Service Name: search.d.o

  • Service Short Description: Website Search

  • Service Documentation:

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): enrico, geissert, olly


FTP-Master api



Debian Bootstrappability


Continuous Integration

  • Service Name: Debian Continuous Integration

  • Service Short Description: runs tests for packages whenever there is a new version of the package or of any package in its dependency chain

  • Service Documentation:

  • Service Status : Working (looking forward to move to official infrastructure; some evolution still needed before that is possible)

  • Service Maintainer(s): AntonioTerceiro

  • Service Hosting: worker host on Amazon EC2, public web server on personal VPS (linode)

  • Service Authentication: public



  • Service Name: db.debian.org

  • Service Short Description: debian.org LDAP Search

  • Service Documentation:

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): admin@db.debian.org

debchanges (discontinued)

  • Service Name: debchanges

  • Service Short Description: RSS feeds of changes to mirror directories

  • Service Documentation: Missing

  • Service Status : Down, orphaned. No known users.

  • Service Maintainer(s): EnricoZini

debian-devel-changes bot

Media Cover Generator

  • Service Name: Debian Media Cover Generator

  • Service URI: http://debian.semistable.com

  • Service Short Description: (unofficial) generator for CD/DVD covers

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): ?RobertLemmen

Debian dgit git server

Distromatch (down, RFA)

dpkg (irc bot)

Debian User Forums


  • Service Name: Github redirector

  • Service Short Description: Mostly obsolete service (although still quite used) to track new upstream versions as tags in Github

  • Service Documentation: A long time ago, Github didn't provide an easily-queriable interface where tags could be navigated (but they do now). This service was set up to ease the creation of debian/watch files.

  • Service Status : <Working>

  • Service Maintainer(s): Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org>


  • Service Name: gobby.debian.org

  • Service URI: infinote://gobby.debian.org/ https://gobby.debian.org/export/

  • Service Short Description: gobby server

  • Service Documentation: gobby.debian.org

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Philipp Kern

Hackage integration


Team meetings on IRC

Agenda for the next meeting

judd (IRC bot)

Keylog (down)

  • Service Name: keylog

  • Service Short Description: Per-key audit log of Debian uploads

  • Service Documentation: Missing

  • Service Status : Down, reeds rewriting and integrating with echelon

  • Service Maintainer(s): EnricoZini


  • Service Name: keyring.debian.org

  • Service Short Description: HKP/rsync access to the Debian developer, maintainer and non-uploading developer keyrings

  • Service Documentation: http://keyring.debian.org/

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): GunnarWolf, JonathanMcDowell

  • Service Hosting: debian.org

LAVA for Debian





  • Service Name: minechangelogs

  • Service URI: https://nm.debian.org/minechangelogs/search/

  • Service Short Description: Search words in Debian changelogs

  • Service Documentation: You will have to log into nm.debian.org website through Debian SSO before using minechangelogs. Guest access is not allowed and will cause page error (403 Forbidden).

  • Service Status : Working, as part of nm.debian.org

  • Service Maintainer(s): EnricoZini

This service was initially introduced as a custom script and later made into a web interface on nm.debian.org.



  • Service Name: paste.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: Debian pastebin

  • Service Documentation: ?

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): ?AlexanderWirt


Debian Member Portfolio Service


  • Service Name: pypi.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: PyPI redirector

  • Service Documentation: TODO

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): PiotrOzarowski

rapt-file server (down, RFA)

  • Service Name: rapt-file server index

  • Service Short Description: Remote apt-file index

  • Service Documentation: Missing

  • Service Status : Went down when DDE went down, RFA

  • Service Maintainer(s): EnricoZini, looking for adopter



  • Service Name: reform.debian.net

  • Service URLs: https://reform.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: Debian installer, system images and apt repository for the MNT Reform open hardware laptop

  • Service Documentation:

  • Source Code: https://salsa.debian.org/reform-team/reform.debian.net

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): josch

  • Service Hosting: Hetzner

  • Service Authentication: public

  • Service weaknesses:



  • Service Name: storm.debian.net

  • Service URLs: https://storm.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: storm.debian.net is an instance of Sandstorm, a self-hostable web productivity suite, that makes easy to install webapss or create collaborative documents, like Etherpad, ?EtherCalc, Wekan kanboards, task lists, etc.

  • Service Documentation: https://docs.sandstorm.io/

  • Source Code: https://github.com/sandstorm-io/sandstorm

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): KyleRobbertze | LauraArjona

  • Service Hosting: Kyle Robbertze handles the hosting of the physical machines

  • Service Authentication: accounts based on email authentication (sends invitation token), ?GitHub or Google accounts

  • Service weaknesses: Users are created as "visitor" (guest) by default, unless they own a @debian.org address and they register with it (in this case they are created as "user"). Visitors are not able to install apps (this would be e.g. create a new etherpad), they need manual intervention of an admin (see service maintainers above) to be promoted to "user". URLs of the webapps (including the word "grain" in the URL) are not public by default, you need to "share" and get a shareable link (including the word "shared" in the URL). This is a feature but some times people forget and sends the grain URL and the receiver says it does not work.

surveys.debian.net (LimeSurvey instance)

  • Service Name: surveys.debian.net

  • Service URLs: https://surveys.debian.net

  • Service Short Description: ?LimeSurvey instance. This can be used to create surveys related to Debian, e.g. survey for the release artwork

  • Service Documentation: https://manual.limesurvey.org

  • Source Code: https://github.com/limesurvey/LimeSurvey - usually the stable release of ?LimeSurvey, running in a Debian machine (Debian+nginx+php-fpm+postgres)

  • Service Status : Working. Please read the notes for a quick start and some things to take into account.

  • Service Maintainer(s): LauraArjona

  • Service Hosting: personal server

  • Service Authentication: ad-hoc created accounts (user+password)

  • Service weaknesses: the server is running Debian 9 (now in LTS). Pending upgrading to Debian 10.

Debian Timeline


  • Service Name: vote.debian.org

  • Service Short Description: Host for DeVotE

  • Service Documentation: http://vote.debian.org

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): Project Secretary

Services from the old Services Page

Please keep the services sorted alphabetically


Short description





Shapado instance for Debian

Not yet


Fernando C. Estrada, Luis Uribe, and Stefano Zacchiroli

Blends web sentinel

Tasks & Bugs pages for instance for DebianScience

Documented in Blends docs




Monitoring of links between debbugs and "upstream" bug reports

See http://bts-link.alioth.debian.org/


Sandro Tosi


Debian Developer Package Overview

Don't know




Debian Description Translation Project





Debian Description Translation Service Satellite


Working, replacement in progress



Emdebian Integration experiments




debian/watch proxy for Ruby packages published at rubygems.org




Haskell Package tracking (1,2)

Version comparison Debian/Hackage, Hackage integration





Archive-wide Lintian check



The Debian Lintian Maintainers







Get Debian





Debian mirrors HTTP Redirector




Services wishlist

These are services that have either been suggested, requested, wondered about or where we are currently using external services instead of Debian hosted services.

Microblogging service like pump.io or ?StatusNet. We currently use pump.io on identi.ca

Web-based meeting time poll service for teams. We currently use various external services.

Web-based interface to the contents of binary packages has been suggested a lot.

Web-based collaborative text editing interface. We have gobby but it doesn't yet have a web interface. We also have whiteboard but it isn't integrated with gobby and doesn't get used very much. Most folks use various Etherpad instances.

Web-based collaborative spreadsheet editing interface. DSA uses Google Docs for this. Possible options include ethercalc (NodeJS) and ethersheet (NodeJS) .

Web-based map and data export to the various data about locations associated with Debian. This comes up a lot for keysigning and other things.