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   1 Setting up a survey in - notes
   2 Last update: 2020-10-30
   3 =================================================
   5 * Contact Laura Arjona to ask for an account in the system, and then you'll be able to login and create surveys.
   7 * For now, we're using LimeSurvey 3.x in I have an instance of LimeSurvey 4, but we detected some bugs, and LimeSurvey 4 is not stable yet.
   9 * Please review the manual: - larjona maintains the software stack but she's not an expert designing surveys. The software is quite complex in the sense it's very flexible and there are a lot of options (type of questions/answers, logic of the survey, management of participants...)
  11 * A FAQ is "I created the question of the survey, how can I add possible answers?" It's a button "Edit answer options" that you'll find right above the "Question summary" section.
  13 * You can look at past surveys to use them as reference. You can even copy them (Create a new survey > Copy). If you copy a survey, please review all the links to update them, and also review all the settings (dates of the survey, etc).
  15 * You may want to state date+time of starting/finishing the survey. Times are in UTC. Please let Laura Arjona know the dates so she can make backups before and after, and keep an eye on the server during the survey.
  17 * About saving participant data and privacy, please review the settings and try to save as less data as possible. Note: If you turn on the -Anonymized responses- option and create a tokens table, LimeSurvey will mark your completed tokens only with a 'Y' instead of date/time to ensure the anonymity of your participants.
  19 * For surveys including images taken from the Debian wiki, please note that our usual link URLs are like this one:
  21 but the "&" causes problems when a survey participant tries to export as PDF their answers. So, please use "&" instead of "&" to avoid this issue:
  24 * In the Ranking questions, there is a "help tip" that can be confusing because it mentions right/left, but those really depend on the screen resolution (e.g. small screens will show things in a single column instead of 2, so it will be top/bottom). Also the name of the "columns" ("your ranking" and "your choice" can be misleading). The advice is to hide the tip, and add this to the text of the question: "You can use double-click and drag-and-drop to select / move items from the "Available options" list to the "Your choices" list, and also reorder there. Your highest ranking item should be the first one on "Your choices" list.". You can add this text to the "Help text" box, too, and then it will be shown at the bottom of the answer choices too. You'll also need to go to the "Other" section of the question, and change "Your ranking" label to "Available options". This was reported upstream (with proposed fix to indeed override the labels) and 
  26 * Take into account that for Ranking questions it's not possible currently to rank equally several options (e.g. A > B = C > D is not possible). 
  28 * You may want to add a "None of the above" option for Ranking questions (it's not added by default). Or may want to leave things like that, to have a winner in any case.
  30 * Once you decide your survey is ready to start, please delete the other test surveys if you created any. Be careful when deleting stuff :-)
  32 * After a survey is finished, it's possible to create a specific user for visitors so they can see the responses data, make their own stats etc. If you want it, just ask. If you want to see how it would look like, visit with user "stretch" and password "artwork".
  34 * LimeSurvey does not calculate the Condorcet winner of a "Ranking question". Please review this article about how to calculate yourself:
  36 There is pocket-devotee too, and maybe some other new options since the article was written.
  38 * Feedback welcome, in particular, to complete/update these notes :-)

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