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 * '''Service URI''': http://public-udd-mirror.xvm.mit.edu/  * '''Service URI''': http://udd-mirror.debian.net/

Public UDD Mirror

  • Service Name: Public UDD Mirror

  • Service URI: http://udd-mirror.debian.net/

  • Service Short Description: A publicly-query-able Postgres service which is a mirror of the Ultimate Debian Database (UDD); it self-updates every 6 hours

  • Service Documentation: The website, plus the source code, are all the documentation there is.

  • Source Code: https://github.com/paulproteus/public-udd-mirror

  • Service Status : Working

  • Service Maintainer(s): AsheeshLaroia and MattiaRizzolo

  • Service Hosting: MIT's XVM community within SIPB, the student computing organization

  • Service Authentication:

    • The public service is available to anyone; no authentication.
    • The backend is administered by SSH key, right now with mapreri and paulproteus@debian having access.
  • Service weaknesses:

    • runs from cron
    • it would be better to have even more monitoring, but it has some degree of self-monitoring.