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Local repositories on a KVM-based virtual server

Following article describes creating a KVM-based virtual Debian 10 repository inside organization's LAN. This repository contains mirrors of official repository, security updates one and personal repository with some custom packages and packages not present in official repositories (VirtualBox for example). The article describes creating such virtual machine step by step including not only the main services but protection the system too (access control lists, nftables firewall, systemd services automatic restart, nmap check, etc.).

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Laptop as highly protected WiFi router

Following article describes transformation of old laptop to a full-featured highly protected WiFi router inside LAN. Routing to Internet and organization's DMZ, traffic shaping, firewall protection, regular automatic WiFi password changing (with publishing the new password on laptop screen), DNS, SSH and NTP services are provided. Such router may be useful if you need to provide a WiFi network inside a room so that anybody in the room could connect to it whereas anybody outside the room would have big troubles with connection.

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Custom server for account department

Following article describes creation of a custom server for a small account department. A wide set of features are provided by this server. The same time it plays roles of gateway, firewall, NAS (with RAID1), NTP, DNS and DHCP server, etc. Routing to Internet and organization's DMZ, traffic shaping, backup Internet connection through mobile network are provided too. Taking into account measures of protection the system itself and the network behind it is possible to say that this server provides everything needed for account department of the organization.

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