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Current GPG key: [[http://pgp.surfnet.nl:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xEDC24562355304E4|1024D/355304E4]]
New GPG key: [[http://pgp.surfnet.nl:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x4F9F6D550ED6122A|4096R/0ED6122A]]

Serafeim Zanikolas

Email: <serzan AT SPAMFREE hellug DOT gr> Current GPG key: 1024D/355304E4 New GPG key: 4096R/0ED6122A

Hi! I live in Ghent (Flanders, Belgium) and work in Brussels. I tend to visit my hometown, Thessaloniki (Greece), a couple of times a year. If you're nearby any of those places and interested in Debian or free software in general, drop me an email to meetup.

In case it's not clear: Serafeim is my first name, and is pronounced similarly to the italian Serafino.

If you haven't heard of Debian before, you're better off reading about it, than reading the rest of this page.

Debian involvement

I maintain half a dozen source packages, some of which as part of the python-modules and python-apps teams (see links below). I've been involved in Debian since early 2008 and I'm currently in the NM queue.

QA material

  • If you're interested in adopting orphaned or RFA'd packages and find the WNPP package lists too long to go through manually, check out members.hellug.gr/serzan/wnpp. It's useful to browse WNPP packages in terms of debtags (eg, if you're after python packages, lookup implemented-in::python). If you're interested in a facet that's not currently used in the online version, checkout wnpp-by-tags and use the command line version (or drop me email and I'll add the missing facet in the web version).

Development activity