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Email: <<MailTo(serzan AT SPAMFREE hellug DOT gr)>>
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Email: <<MailTo(serzan AT SPAMFREE hellug DOT gr)>>

Serafeim Zanikolas

Email: <serzan AT SPAMFREE hellug DOT gr>

Hi! I maintain half a dozen source packages, some of which as part of the python-modules and python-apps teams (see links below). I've been involved in Debian since early 2008 and I'm currently in the NM queue.

I live in Ghent (Flanders, Belgium) and work in Brussels. I tend to visit my hometown, Thessaloniki (Greece), a couple of times a year. If you're nearby any of those places and interested in Debian or free software in general, drop me an email to meetup.

In case it's not clear: Serafeim is my first name, and is pronounced similarly to the italian Serafino.

QA material

  • If you're interested in adopting orphaned or RFA'd packages and find the WNPP package lists too long to go through manually, check out members.hellug.gr/serzan/wnpp. It's useful to browse WNPP packages in terms of debtags (eg, if you're after packages in python, you can search for implemented-in::python packages). The linked web site organises WNPP bugs only in terms of the "implemented-in" and "suite" facets (or let me know of the facet you're interested in, and I'll add it). If you want to query for any of the other facets, download wnpp-by-tags and use the command line version.

Development activity

* bugs : http://bugs.debian.org/serzan@hellug.gr

* QA page : http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=serzan@hellug.gr

* lintian warnings: http://lintian.debian.org/maintainer/serzan@hellug.gr.html

* DEHS: http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/report.php?login=serzan%40hellug.gr