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 * Train more people to handle our CVE pool (currenly only Joey?)

The Debian Security Team plans to have a meeting in November (28th -30th):

This page should collect some ideas for the meeting

  • General discussion about security improvements
  • Integrating backports.org and volatile.debian.org into the tracker
  • Automatically propagate changes to testing-security with equivalent unstable version to unstable as well
  • Automatically clean out obsolete testing-security packages (php4, cupsys are recent examples)
  • What to do with lagging architectures.
  • Train more people to handle our CVE pool (currenly only Joey?)
  • Dak tweaks:
    • make template closer to desired advisory layout?
    • allow it to copy .orig.tar.gz from general pool if not found in security pool?
    • ...
  • Find a way for the secteam to gain more insight into what buildds are doing and perhaps control it better
  • Get to know each other in person ;-)