1. Select the system profile you want installed

    • e.g. desktop/email
  2. Download and prepare a Debian network installer for your hardware

    • e.g. AMD64netinstmini.iso

  3. Install Debian with selected system profile:
    • Connect the computer to Ethernet
    • Boot your computer with the prepared installer
      • e.g. put in USB stick, turn power on, hold down F12, and select USB HDD

    • At the Debian installer menu, select Advanced optionsAutomated install (but do not press Enter yet)

    • Press TAB, the grub boot prompt appears
    • Depending on which system profile you chose in the first step, add url=https://parl.debian.net/desktop/email/preseed.cfg at the end and hit Enter

    • (For testing or more recent versions of Debian installer:) When asked for a "preconfiguration", type in your selected system profile like this:

      • https://parl.debian.net/desktop/email/preseed.cfg

  4. Subscribe to the user mailinglist to get help (and perhaps help out yourself).

    • Consider subscribing twice - with both your institutional and some independent address.
  5. You are done! Welcome to Debian and DebianParl :-)

    • Consider adding yourself at the users page.