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English Proofread

  • Project name: English Proofread

  • Description: The goal of the project would be to English proofread (and fix/improve) as much as texts as we can. We would provide a prioritised list of documents (main sources: Debian web sites, templates used for announcements, press kit if available, debconf sponsorship brochure if available, manuals, package descriptions, wiki pages..) and the applicant would go through them reviewing and committing the improvements, and adding metadata about the review (so anybody having such document knows the last time of review). The mentors would guide the applicant to get familiarised with the tools, source code repositories and formats (git, salsa, markdown, wml, etc) if needed, and review the changes proposed to see if they make sense (e.g. review and merge the applicant's merge requests). Mentors don't need to be English native but familiarised with the contents of the documentation (or the Debian project in general) to confirm that the meaning/goal of the text remains the same.

  • Related material: provides a list of web pages sorted by number of visits. is the list of English review in Debian. explain an old similar project. The Smith Review Project was focused in debconf templates for packages, but since this effort is done and ongoing, we would focus in other kind of documentation that it's less reviewed: the Debian website, other website or very visited wiki pages, the templates we use to publish announcements, and other.

  • Desirable skills: English native speaker or good English skills. Git and HTML knowledge is not mandatory but will help.

  • Confirmed Mentor: Laura Arjona Reina (LauraArjona) and Chiyaru Desai (ChirayuDesai)

  • How to contact the mentor: larjona or cdesai (IRC) in #debian-outreach - more details in the personal wiki pages above

  • Confirmed co-mentors: Debian English Team ( )

  • Interest Rating: ***

Profile parser to get involved in Debian

  • Project name: Profile parser to get involved in Debian

  • Description: Many people come and tell us, on a stand, "I don't know how to contribute". As the debian-women group has some communication support, we show them. Its system of sponsorship seems a good idea but not highlighted enough.

The idea is now to establish a "profile parser": the person answers to some questions, then according to this, a customized way appears to know the doc and resources he/she needs at the relevant time on the website or the wiki. The "roadmap" or "career map" in Debian would depends on the level of the person in the project (auto-declarative) and his/her tastes.

The applicant would help for programming the automated tool so that people to go on the relevant URLS according to what they are and search. 1. Answer questions; 2. Here the results for now, then her are your possible prospectives, and the associated URLs. He would then provide the relevant sections or URL, with the idea to be the most precise possible.

People thus would know what they can do immediately and what kind of recognition they could have in this way in Debian, with optional other alternative ways during their Debian life.

The tool would be the least global possible, the most precise possible, to avoid persons to be lost or worry by the massive information.

  • Related material: show the main questions ideas, and the "roadmap" of such tool. We will decide according to the applicant skills whether the tool is on a wiki format or the website. gives the resource we will need to examine to mention the relevant link or section as result on the utility

  • Desirable skills: English native speaker or good English skills. Git and HTML knowledge is useful. Wiki syntax.

  • Confirmed Mentor: Jean-Philippe MENGUAL and Alban Vidal

  • How to contact the mentor: mengualjeanphi AT free DOT fr (mail) or Texou (IRC) in #debian-welcome

  • Confirmed co-mentors: Any member of website, publicity or doc teams will find easy to mentor this project, but it's not mandatory to be already contributor of such teams to mentor. Being English native speaker can also help.

  • Interest Rating: ***