Problems with the IceApe Navigator and Composer

These are issues that occur with the Ice Ape browser and composer tools, which replaces the Mozilla Browser package in Etch. These problems did not occur with the Mozilla Browser package in Sarge.

Issues with IceApe Navigator

Iceape does not have a "Save As" option as Mozilla Navigator did

Iceape sidebar keeps appearing, when browsing the world wide web

Iceape is extremely slow if an attempt to save a file or image is made, and cannot be used during the pause.

Iceape randomly fails to save files. Once the browser fails to save files, it will continue to file, resulting in no further writes to the disk. No notification is shown, and user is tricked into thinking that the file has saved.

Issues with IceApe Composer

Iceape composer prompts user to save initial blank page, even though no edit was made

Iceape composer embeds full pathnames, rather than relative web compatible pathnames into documents

Legacy Issues

It would be nice if the browser and composer tools were separated into two packages, so that the composer tool is a stand alone component. This would allow a different browser, (such as Mozilla Firefox or its renamed equivalent) to be used without the need to install two browsers on the computer.