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Describe morph/PythonPackaging/DebuggingQAWebPage here.


 login to alioth.debian.org
 cd /srv/home/groups/pkg-perl/scripts/qa/
 ./fetchdata -c /srv/home/groups/python-modules/debianqa/qa.conf -vvv -f --only watch pyusb

this way, you're modifying the shared database (some action takes some time to complete)

<Tincho> $ ./qareport -c /srv/home/groups/python-modules/debianqa/qa.conf python-couchdb
<Tincho> Showing 1 out of 1 packages
<Tincho> python-couchdb:
<Tincho>  - Problems: never_uploaded, not_finished
<Tincho>  - Repository status: not_finished
<Tincho>    + Latest unreleased: 0.1-1
<Tincho>  - Debian archive status: never_uploaded
<Tincho>  - BTS status: OK
<Tincho>  - Upstream status: OK
<Tincho>    + URL: http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/C/CouchDB/CouchDB-0.2.tar.gz
<Tincho>    + Latest version: 0.2