I will describe here some notes I keep while packaging python modules.



if you do things like " PYVERS=$(shell pyversions -r) ; for python in $(PYVERS);... " you need python-all as build-dep isntead of python alone but doing that for all python versions only makes sense if you want to run tests (which doesn;t work due to the broken py.test) or if you build extensions which are writen in C so I'd suggest to stay with python and juse use python setup.py .... so pycentral wil handle that based on the XB-Python-versions thing or so


Previously, to check cheeseshop packages for new version, you've had to write something like this:

# Compulsory line, this is a version 3 file

opts="filenamemangle=s/.*\/([^#]*)#.*/$1/" \
http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/python-gnutls http://pypi\.python\.org/packages/source/p/python-gnutls/python-gnutls-(.*)\.tar\.gz#md5=.*

now, with the new version of pypi, it's simply as:


Some general suggestions

Dbg packages