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<!> This is now documented in the [[http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-request#user|Debian web site]].

<!> This is now documented in the Debian web site.

So, you heard of this cool BTS feature and you what to use it, but don't know how: here you'll find a quick and dirty introduction.

Ok, first some links

now start tagging your bugs:

user <pkg>@packages.debian.org
usertags <#bug> <tagname>
usertags ...

or user bts:

bts user '<pkg>@packages.debian.org' , usertags <#bug> <tagname> , usertags ... , ...

(always use <pkg>@packages.debian.org user).

You're half-way now; it you want a nice packages bugs list like devscripts (with tag to group up bugs), then you need to use usercategory:

user <pkg>@packages.debian.org
usercategory <cat-name>
 * <place a name here> [tag=]
 + <tag1> [<tag1>]
 + <tag2> [<tag2>]
 + <tagN> [<tagN>]
 + Uncategorized []
usercategory normal
 * status
 * <cat-name>
 * severity
usercategory <pkg>-sort
 * status
 * <cat-name>
 * severity
usercategory old
 * status
 * severity
 * classification

(taken from devscripts and reportbug) submit it to control@bugs.debian.org, refresh http://bugs.debian.org/<pkg> and have fun.


  1. pay attention at the order you write the tags in the usercategory, since it will be the same order the tags will show up on the BTS page.

  2. when you add a tag to bugs, you need to modify the usercategory to treat that tag too (I don't like this, but that's the way it is).

  3. you can add a usertag to usercategory even if no bug is usertagged (yet) with it: it will appears as soon a some bugs will have that usertag.

  4. usertag name can have only alphanumerics, at, dot, plus and dash, while <cat> in <cat> [<tag>] can have underscore too (maybe other chars, untested).