{{{Hrm, packages larger than 50MB in sid/i386 (main, contrib and non-free) [0]:

Eclipse NLS: (76MB)

Software: (104MB) (not arch:all)

Clipart: (144MB)

Documentation: (147MB)

TeX: (192MB)

Debug packages: (369MB) (not arch:all)

Game data: (1,413MB)

Largest deb in unstable is sauerbraten-data at 176MB, largest arch-specific deb is atlas3-test for ia64 at 158MB. Total size of debs in sid/i386 is 17,259MB, so packages above 50MB make up about 10%-15% of the archive by size already.

Moving game data elsewhere would require some way for games in main to depend on data elsewhere.

Moving -dbg data elsewhere would presumably require some way to upload to both archives in a single step, and we'd want to keep them reasonably tightly coupled.

Not moving -dbg stuff elsewhere would mean there'd be no need to worry about supporting arch-specific stuff, afaics. OTOH, if we did support arch-specific stuff, maybe it'd make sense to move the game engines into the other area along with the data if there's no point to having the engine without a huge amount of data to use it with.

> The advantages would be: [...] > - make it possible to not include such data on the regular binary CDs, > but for example on separate arch-independent "data" CDs

Particularly for game data, it seems like it'd make more sense (at least from a user's pov) to include the game code and the game data on the same CD, given they'd always be installed at the same time. I've no idea if that could realistically be done, or if there's any point thinking about it 'til later though.

Cheers, aj

[0] find dists/sid -name Packages.gz |