So far have tested an USB mouse, an external hard disk and a flash card. All working fine. With the USB hard disk I got transfer rates between 20 and 28 MB/s, that's almost as fast as the internal SATA drive.

PCMCIA cards


Tested with pcmcia-cs: Xircom ethernet LAN card (xirc2ps_cs driver): Detected and configured correctly.

Firewire controller

Detected. Not tested, I have no devices.

Bluetooth controller

Detected. Not tested.

SD card reader

Not tested.

TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

The infineon TPM module is detected by the 2.6.14 native driver. However, do far I have been unable to access it or do anything useful with it. The problem is being investigated.

Fingerprint Reader

Not tested yet. A driver is said to exist, though.