Debian Sarge/Etch on Samsung X50

This page is work in progress.

/!\ This page should probably be moved to a sub-page of InstallingDebianOn/Samsung.


I am currently abusing this Wiki to take public notes about my attempts to install Debian on a Samsung X50 WVM 2130.

Currently (Oct. 12, 2005), neither Linux on Laptops nor Tuxmobil have entries on this laptop, but plenty of articles on other Samsung notebooks.

I am a seasoned Linux user but pretty new to Debian, so these notes will probably be plagued by my ignorance the of Debian ways... I'll be very grateful for any comments and suggestions.


==> Device drivers->Character Devices
<*> Enhanced Real Time Clock Support   (not as a module!)
==> Processor type and features
[*] HPET Timer Support
[*]   Provide RTC interrupt