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For our purposes and network structure we required only two items be downloaded. Obviously for a more advanced network you have many more plugins you can implement.

The installation went well once we had a stable download and the options to connect to the openLDAP server were fairly simple. This is however where you must know specific details about your network and be exact. The good thing is that you will still be able to log in locally even if you lock yourself out of the network login.

*Before you configure this you need to install the ldapauth plugin for it to be successful.* This will open the following window:

Here is where you need the details for your network. Where you see LDAP Server it is asking for either the name (if statically assigned) or the IP. For the Admin user you need to have the FQDN from LDAP. This includes the CN, and any DC's associated as well as the prepend and append for the local usernames to be included on the machine. NOTE: You do need to add the password for the authorized account that your network can authenticate with.


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