How to create samba3 PDC with ldap backend

include /etc/ldap/schema/samba.schema

cn=admin,dc=buster,dc=lan password (replace with your password)

passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap:// ldap suffix = dc=nomis52,dc=net ldap machine suffix = ou=machines ldap user suffix = ou=users ldap group suffix = ou=groups ldap admin dn = cn=admin,dc=nomis52,dc=net ldap delete dn = no

# be a PDC domain logons = yes

# allow user privileges enable privileges = yes

Unix/Windows Name GID SID ending number admins 20000 512 users 20001 513 guests 2002 514

account sufficient account required try_first_pass --add the following line before the password required password sufficient

ldap password sync=yes

First Name Last Name username UID SID ending Group admins Home Directory Domain Admin adminstrator 10000 21000 admins /home/buster/adminstrator (your) (name) (username) 10001 21001 admins /home/buster/(username)

Machine Name UID (machinename)$ 30000