Work in Progress

The service described below is not public, yet. Please ignore any related information until it is officially published.

Even the name (Salsa) is not official, yet.

What is Salsa?

Salsa is the name of an upcoming collaborative development server. It is based on the gitlab software. Salsa is supposed to provide the necessary tools for package maintainers, packaging teams and other Debian related individuals and groups for collaborative development.

What is the status of Salsa?

After various discussions about the future of Alioth, the Alioth Sprint in August 2017 gave birth to the initial setup of the the upcoming Salsa service. The productive weekend resulted in a working prototype (not public).

The service is not public, yet.


Salsa offers all features of gitlab.





Salsa has these administrators (IRC nick in parenthesis):

TODO: will we stick with the old (alioth) IRC channel?

In case you encounter any problems with Salsa, you may want to join #alioth on (OFTC) ... they may help you.