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 * KDE's {{{ksvg}}} (and therefore previewed in Konqueror)
 * Java's Batik (package {{{libbatik-java}}}).
 * KDE's DebianPts:ksvg (and therefore previewed in Konqueror)
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 * [[GIMP]] can import an SVG file. (package {{{gimp-svg}}}).
== Importers ==
 * [[GIMP]] can import an SVG file.

== Tools ==
 * Java's Batik (package DebianPts:libbatik-java).
 * {{{scour}}} optimizes internal structure of SVG files. (package DebianPts:python-scour).
 * {{{xml_pp}}} can tidy SVG files. (package DebianPts:libxml-swig-perl).

See SVG page at wikipedia


  • ?Sodipodi.

  • ?Inkscape



  • GIMP can import an SVG file.