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SOGO Connector is a plugin for the Thunderbird package.


The SOGo Connector is a connector for any groupware server like SOGo, OpenGroupware, Citadel or Owncloud. The SOGo connector works through CardDAV so any application that provides CardDAV functionality will work with the connector. The connector provides


The SOGo connector is available for Wheezy (backports), Jessie, Stretch and Sid. The installation is quite easy with the common tools for installation. Use synaptics, apper or the terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install xul-ext-sogo-connector

Please ensure you have not installed the XPI package provided by SOGo before you install the package! There is no need to stop an already running Thunderbird normally, just install the SOGo Connector package and go further with the setup.

Setup a external Address Books

To implement one new external Address Book you have to open the Address Book inside Thunderbird first.


Add than a new external Remote Address Book.


Add the desired local name for the Address Book and the respective URL for the remote connector.


Integration into OwnCloud

Getting the remote URL for a calendar

The needed WebDAV URL for the remote calendar can be found inside the Website of the OwnCloud after you have login.