SIDUS (Single-Instance Distributing Universal System) was developed at Centre Blaise Pascal (Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France), where one administrator alone is in charge of 180 stations. Emmanuel Quemener started SIDUS in February 2010, and he significantly cut his workload for administering this park of stations. SIDUS is now in use at the supercomputing centre PSMN (Pôle Scientifique de Modélisation Numérique) of the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon.

With SIDUS, you can provide a new user with a complete functional environment in just a few seconds. You can probe corrupted computers without disassembling anything. You can test new equipment without installing an OS on them. You can make your life so much easier when managing hundreds of cluster nodes, of workstations or of self-service stations. You drastically can reduce the amount of storage needed for the OS on these machines.

The installation process for Wheezy distribution is well detailed in French and in poor english poor english. It's better to refer to Linux Journal web page.