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 * Fix the [[Bug:738199|broken]] OVAL information for Debian
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 * Package DebianPkg:openscap (Bug:522265)
 * Package scap-workbench (Bug:750138 upload pending)
 * Make sure [[Bug:738199|outdated]] OVAL information for Debian is updated.
 * Package [[https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/openscap|openscap]] (Bug:522265)
 * Package [[https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/scap-workbench|scap-workbench]] (Bug:750138)

Debian SCAP Guide

This page is a TODO/IDEAS list to implement a SCAP guide for Debian. Debian automatically generates and publishes OVAL information for use by SCAP.


  • Define the Profiles we want.
  • What are Debian CPEs (platform, family?). Many CPEs can be found in the testing security SVN repostory, svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/secure-testing, in the data/CPE/ directory. In addition, some source packages include the known CPEs for the package in debian/upstream/metadata).

  • Define distribution we target (typically: testing then stable)
  • How to let our derivative fork easily?
  • How to cooperate with scap-security-guide
  • Test infrastructure?
  • Dashboard
    • Compare: our supported checks, upstream checks, and a wishlist.
    • Each SCAP probe should be tested, both in unstable and testing
    • Each Debian distribution should be evaluated, for each relevant profile.
  • Write docs
  • Define communication channels so contributors can follow and participate (IRC, mailing list, etc.)


  • Translating the SCAP guide
  • Support older distribution
  • provide framework so maintainers can provide probes in their packages