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 * [:iSCSI/DebianInitiator: Debian as a Target]
## * [:iSCSI/VistaInitiator: Windows Vista as a Target]
 * [:iSCSI/DebianIscsitarget: Debian as a Target]
## * [:iSCSI/VistaTarget: Windows Vista as a Target]

iSCSI and Debian

In the context of computer storage, iSCSI allows a machine to use an iSCSI initiator (client) to connect to remote targets (servers) such as disks and tape drives on an IP network for block level I/O. From the point of view of the class drivers and application software, the devices appear as locally attached SCSI devices. (source: wikipedia: iSCSI )

This page is about installing, configuring and using iSCSI under Debian.

Debian iSCSI initiators

Remember, the initiator is the "client".

  • [:iSCSI/DebianInitiator: Debian as an Initiator]
  • [:iSCSI/VistaInitiator: Windows Vista as an Initiator]

Debian iSCSI targets

Remember, the target is the "server" (It's the one that actually have the disk).

  • [:iSCSI/DebianIscsitarget: Debian as a Target]


  • RFC 3720 - Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI)