This page provides some information on how to use IET on Debian. ( iSCSI Enterprise Target is known as iscsitarget under Debian). reminder, the target is the name of the "server" under iSCSI terminology (i.e The one that actually have the disk).


1. Install IET's package and module

IET is made of two packages :

2. Configure

You need to configure /etc/ietd.conf (here's a simple test page).

3. Restart the daemon

Online administration / Dynamic configuration

Adding a target / LUN

First, Let's add a Target.

[id] must be unused. You can get a list of the currently used Target IDs by: cat /proc/net/iet/session

Then add a LUN to a pre-existing target.

[id] must be an already existing Target ID (listed in /proc/net/iet/session)

refer to the manpage on how to disconnect a connexion, change the settings or remove a LUN or a target.

Adding a user

First, create a user for "discovery" :

Then, create a user for "" :

refer to the manpage on how to "delete" a user.


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more FAQs on iscsitarget FAQ at Sourceforge.

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