Russ Allbery

Email: <>

Unlike many Debian developers, I don't use IRC. I'm already tapped out on real-time chat interfaces I need to monitor and just don't have the attention to spare for another. I do, however, try to be very responsive via e-mail. Please contact me that way rather than looking for me in real-time chat.

I am a senior systems administrator and technical architect with the UNIX Systems and Applications group at Stanford University. I work on infrastructure projects, maintain locally-developed software, write policies and best practice documentation, and develop automation tools for the Unix systems administration group. I also maintain Stanford's Kerberos realm, web authentication system, and account management system.

My Debian work is split into two halves: work that is part of my job at Stanford, and volunteer work. You will therefore see me often work on one set of activities during the week as part of my job and a different set of activities on the weekend. In support of Stanford's environment, I:

As a volunteer I am also:

Other free software and related activities include serving as OpenAFS gatekeeper and elder, maintainer of bits of Usenet core infrastructure for, maintainer of a variety of free software, and formerly the lead INN maintainer and a participant in the NNTP and Usenet message format standardization processes.