The roundup suite provides a stand alone issue tracking system written in Python.

Installation of roundup

Configure the roundup user and group

 groupadd -g 292 roundup
 useradd -g 292 -u 292 roundup

Make the tracker directory

 mkdir /var/lib/roundup/trackers

Run the admin tool with the installation option

As root:

 roundup-admin install

 Enter the tracker home: /var/lib/roundup/trackers
 Select template [classic]: minimal

 Back ends: anydbm
 Select backend [anydbm]: anydbm

Edit the tracker configuration file

 vi /var/lib/roundup/trackers/config.ini

Change the following entries:

 admin_email =
 dispatcher_email =
 email_from_tag = helpdesk

 name = Foo Barber's Helpdesk
 web =
 email =

Configure the roundup server

 vi /etc/roundup/roundup-server.ini

Change the following entries:



Configuration for systems with no mail handling infrastructure

Error Messages

Failed To Connect

If an attempt is made to connect to the server from a remote web browser, and error may occur:

Failed to Connect The connection was refused when attempting to contact


This error will occur if the /etc/roundup/roundup-server.ini file contains a host=localhost entry


Modify the /etc/roundup/roundup-server.ini configuration file to bind against the network interface address: