General Interests

A life long circuit junkie, fanatic biker, evil genius, and sexy beast!

I have been curious and fascinated with technology my whole special interest, hacking code! It has always been something I could relax with and just play around with some of the latest technologies. Just being curious and playful with it has given me some nice exposure, but at that time just a passion that I enjoyed on my down time. I had a career that I could never walk away from and actually did get weighed at one time, but the simple fact was, I could never imagine not being a Carpenter! As life works out, sometimes plans must be altered...and I am glad I had enough forethought to actually think about that along the way!

Put some formal education with what I had learned myself over the years and a love for technology, I figured, might be a viable fallback if needed. One thing about construction, it is rough on the body...very rough!

I have enjoyed staying in the background and tinkering over the years, but things change and we must also. I'm looking forward to where ever this may lead and finding my spot within the "open community".

Linux Community

About 10 years back I walked away from Microsoft and erased all systems of their software and haven't been happier! I got frustrated with it all... I came to Debian about 5 or 6 years back and I became hooked on the overall stability of the platform.(it survived ME!WOW!)

I utilize other distros regularly as crash-tests or if I just want to hack out my latest bad idea. Overall, I've been behind a keyboard for about 30 years now I guess...what an amazing journey we have had...I do love it!

I have not become active with a project or group yet, but I needed to learn a few things first...

Current Hacks

Current Activity:

Organizing and transferring code and projects to online repositories, online presence and experience

Pen-Tastic: Building a website and web-presence to allow an individual to display and sell custom items he makes in his garage out of wood, bone, antler, and other materials. Technologies being implemented are HTML5, CSS3, ?JavaScript, PHP.

Development Ideas:

Working out a solution to this multi-arch mess that I call a system. But I do have a plan...

  1. Set root system / as the base of the system

    • it will house common libs, binaries, files, interfaces
  2. Attempt to identify a suitable chroot like that can be abstracted

    • from the / but still completely accessible and interactive.

The idea is to layer the different architecture platforms to utilize a base set of programs to cut out the redundancy and huge amounts of disk space from having 3-5 versions, without the different platforms being aware or conflicting with each other. Just an idea I've had to better organize a developers system.

Debian Specific

Mozilla Specific

Email: <rottinrob AT SPAMFREE DOT com>