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 * Homepage: [[http://cynic.cc/blog/]].  * Homepage: [[https://web.archive.org/web/20211202142628/http://cynic.cc/blog/|http://cynic.cc/blog/]].

Rogério Brito

I am a Debian Maintainer that is mostly interested in helping the project work with platforms to which I have access. Those are PowerPC, i386, amd64, and ARMel.

I have a "fondness" for using both old software in new hardware and old hardware with new software.

For the first reason, I am interested in adopting packages which I use the most (and helping with clean up of other packages that I can't adopt, but in which I'm still interested in, frequently offering advice on the debian-mentors mailinglist). This is, in a sense, a work of Quality Assurance, and I think that Debian has, over time, grown to such extent that it is increasingly difficult to maintain the packages in the pool, and it needs more of this kind of work.

For the second reason, I am interested in using modern programs that are usable, while still saving resources on low powered hardware (especially embedded computers).

SOME packages that I maintain

Contact Information