Hi. My name is Robert A. Marder. I am a free software developer from Texas who likes to experiment and try new things. Most of my experimental programs (and other things) can be found on myfreeprogs site.

I also have some more stable software endeavers - right now it is RAM-CMS

Before I did software I was a collector of knowledge - education is very important!

I have been a happy Debian user since 3.1 (sarge) - I came from Red Hat 7.0 (it was drunk on guiness) and since I found Debian I never looked back!

You can read more about me and what I'm up too on my personal website.

I also have a business - RAM Host.us - it is shared and virtual dedicated server hosting with professional features run by professionals for professionals. I founded it because I was sick of web hosts who treat their customers like idiots. Because we cater to the smart person, it has the effect of allowing us to charge much less than others - the untapped market of smart people who don't want / need / can afford a full blown dedicated server or expensive VPS and all the overhead that it entails. We cater to the programmers and webmasters - raw fully-featured web hosting with specifications that can be customized based on your actual needs so you don't pay for stuff you don't want.