Reproducible Live images

This page tracks the progress on creating reproducible live images, using live-build from DebianLive


Debian bookworm


Debian sid (unstable)




Modified configuration files

Required entries in sudoers (assuming you are thisuser):

Defaults env_keep += "SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH"
Defaults env_keep += "LIVE_BUILD"
thisuser ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/lb build
thisuser ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/lb clean --purge

Jenkins node

Personal computer

The computer that is used for generating live images:


In order to get a reproducible image, there are two main options:

  1. If the live image is expected to be reproducible, the image can be built twice in rapid succession from (within its regular 6 hour update cycle)

  2. If the live image is expected to be non-reproducible, a snapshot server needs to be used.
    • By using a snapshot server, it is easier to re-generate images to track the difference and to polish on the work-around hook.

      Note that for live images in production, needs to be used.

The server is used since 2021-09-05, because the service at occasionally rejects traffic when many requests are made.


Building live images

Preparation of the build directory

As root:

# You need `dev` and `exec` active on your mount point
# Slightly more than 16GB is required (on a machine with 32GB memory /dev/shm gets half of it)
mount /dev/shm -odev,exec,remount,size=24G

As a regular user:

mkdir /dev/shm/live
cd /dev/shm/live


All command lines can be executed as a regular user

Use case: build an image from the current Debian repository (testing, unstable or experimental)

/home/roland/git.nobackup/live-build/test/ --configuration gnome --debian-version sid

Use case: build an image from the current Debian repository (stable)

/home/roland/git.nobackup/live-build/test/ --configuration gnome --debian-version bookworm --debian-version-number 12.1.0 --timestamp archive --installer-origin archive

Use case: rebuild an image with a given timestamp

/home/roland/git.nobackup/live-build/test/ --configuration gnome --debian-version sid --timestamp 20220421T153504Z

Use case: get the latest image from the snapshot server

# The magic value 'snapshot' queries the snapshot server and fetches the latest/newest snapshot
/home/roland/git.nobackup/live-build/test/ --configuration gnome --debian-version sid --timestamp snapshot

Use case: while preparing new hooks, using the local git checkout of `live-build`

# Get the latest from
# When LIVE_BUILD is defined, the script will not checkout live-build from the timestamp, but will use the version pointed at by LIVE_BUILD
export LIVE_BUILD=/home/roland/git.nobackup/live-build
/home/roland/git.nobackup/live-build/test/ --configuration gnome --debian-version sid --timestamp 20220421T153504Z

Use case: rebuilding the official Debian live image

When rebuilding an official Debian live image, you'll need a Bookworm host system (there will be a minor difference in the image when building on sid). For this example, the 12.4.0 standard image was used (Caveat: Chicken-and-egg-issue detected)

# Create a virtual machine with network and a hard disk
# Boot the 12.4.0 standard image from UEFI
# In GRUB, select the installer and install to a hard disk
# Boot from that hard disk
# Get the required packages
apt-get install live-build git
# Get the latest version of the builder script
git clone rebuild_script --no-checkout --depth 1
cd rebuild_script
git checkout HEAD test/
cd ..
# If needed, do some time travel, to fetch an older version of the script
# Prepare the arguments for building, see
DESCRIPTION="Official Debian GNU/Linux Live $VERSION $BUILD"
# Build it
rebuild_script/test/ --configuration ${BUILD} --debian-version ${CODENAME} --debian-version-number ${VERSION} --timestamp ${SNAPSHOT_TIMESTAMP} --installer-origin ${INSTALLER_ORIGIN} --disk-info "${DESCRIPTION}" --generate-source
# Verify the SHA256SUMs:
# ISO:
# TAR:

Checking reproducibility

Ideally reprotest will be used to check reproducibility. For now, 2 images are built and then compared with diffoscope.

Using diffoscope

# 1) Prepare the build environment
# 2) Run the command line to create the configuration (see above)
lb build
mv live-image-amd64.hybrid.iso run01.iso
lb clean --purge
lb config
lb build
mv live-image-amd64.hybrid.iso run02.iso
diffoscope run01.iso run02.iso --html-dir html_run01_02

Using reprotest

reprotest requires full access on /tmp, so it must be remounted (when applicable)

# 1) Prepare the build environment
# 2) Run the command line to create the configuration (see above)
mount /tmp -odev,exec,suid,remount
reprotest  --variations=-all,+environment,+build_path,-kernel,+aslr,+num_cpus,+time,-user_group,-fileordering,-domain_host,+home,+locales,+exec_path,+timezone,-umask  "lb clean --purge&&lb config&&lb build" "*.iso"
# Disabled tests:
#  kernel        The variant with kernel 2.6 is too old for debootstrap
#  user_group    Live build only works for root, the variation needs a list
#  fileordering  Disorderfs needs to be mounted with dev,exec,suid
#  domain_host   Needs additional rights during debootstrap
#  umask         Some files get a different umask, further investigation is required


To ensure that file ordering is not a cause for non-reproducible images, the tool 'disorderfs' will offer the files from the file system in a different order:

# As root
disorderfs live_regular live_reversed_order --reverse-dirents=yes --multi-user=yes -o suid,dev

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