The goal

It should be possible to reproduce, byte for byte, every build of every package in Debian.

For now, we will start with a few maintainers who want to opt in to this goal as we flesh out the details of what will make it possible. This page tracks our progress.


Use cases

Detailed package status list

How to reproduce a build

* Someone needs to document Lunar's script here:

Known bugs we are waiting on

Different problems, and their solutions


Data files in data.tar.gz have timestamps

{data,control}.tar.{gz,xz,bz2} may have timestamps

{data,control}.tar.{gz,xz,bz2} will store files in readdir order

This is dependent on an accident of filesystem layout at build time, so it would sometimes not be reproducible.

We should probably fix this in dpkg by sorting the contents of the tar files.


* Mike Perry's discussion of how it took him eight weeks to make the Tor Browser Bundle have this feature: