It would be great to have logo, to be able to print tshirts and do other things with it.

This page should collect proposals, until we find a good one. Where good means: is a good logo (can be resized, works in one color, etc - search the web for "good logo design" and read a few of the many results) and conveys the idea of the project (eg. should visualize/represent: "one source, several builds, several identical results", but other ideas/messages are certainly possible…).

Also, we actually need to two Logos: one for Reproducible Builds and one for Debian Reproducible Builds, which should probably be the logo plus the swirl :)

ideas / concepts


Taken from slides from Hans-Christoph Steiner's talk about FDrdoid at FOSDEM 16:

idea #1


Using of a circle to represent a build that is reproduced:

idea #2a



Author: Mike ?DuPont


Author: Daniel Shahaf


idea #4

(Inspiration from

Author: Valessio Brito


idea #5

Author: Valessio Brito


idea #5

Author: Valessio Brito


idea #7

Author: Chris Lamb


idea #8

Author: Chris Lamb


idea #8

From reddit request for logos

Author: thefyrewire1


A double helix.

Rationale: each strand of the double helix can be used to completely reproduce the other. Also, DNA is somewhat analogous to machine code.

See (and the category) for a schema of a double helix. (In DNA, the yellow and green rods come in four kinds each, and each kind of green is always paired with the same kind of yellow.)



"drawing hands" -- nerdy M.C. Escher reference, reproducible builds build each other. I don't know how to make it into a proper logo, though.

Suggestion from dkg, hopefully more graphically-inclined people can make it better.


idea #12

baking forms…

by Falko Oldenburg


idea #13

by Falko Oldenburg

baking tetris form…


idea #14

by Falko Oldenburg, who is always reminded of "rabbits" when hearing "reproduction"…


idea #15

by Falko Oldenburg; Some more of that rabbit concept, now constructed from the initials…



lamby: re: your logos: as said, #7 reminds me too much of the logos of and and then i dislike for #7+#8 that they both dont really work without the words reproducible builds". and then they both (to me) symbolize endlessly running in circles, and not many builds results in one result * h01ger likes the _ideas_ of #1, #10 and #11 but i dont consider them ready/suitable as logos _yet_ * h01ger dislikes #2, #4, #5 + #6 - i dont recognize anything in them