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[ReposWhatIs What is a repository?] [[ReposWhatIs|What is a repository?]]
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[ReposDistros Names, Sections and Architectures] [[ReposDistros|Names, Sections and Architectures]]
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[ReposDirs Adding directories for customized packages] [[ReposDirs|Adding directories for customized packages]]
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[PkgMod Modifying a package] [[PkgMod|Modifying a package]]
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[ReposRelease Creating repository release files] [[ReposRelease|Creating repository release files]]
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[ReposIndex Creating repository index files] [[ReposIndex|Creating repository index files]]

[[HowToSetupADebianRepository|How to setup a repository]]

[[RepositoryFormat|Repository format specification]]

[[RepositorySupport|Repository support in software]]

[[RepositoryInstructions|Repository best practices]]