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/!\ The Release files are also documented on the apt repository format page.

Repository Release Files

The *Release* file enables package pinning to be used with the repository. In a repository holding files for the ?stable distribution the file would be located at !/debian/dists/stable/Release

Format of the Release File

The Release file is in ?PkgCtrlFile control file format, and consists of a single record spanning multiple lines. The record applies to all of the packages in the directory tree below it.


The ?PkgFields fields in a Release file record are relevant for determining package ?PkgPrio priorities. The Release file typically contains the following ?PkgFields fields:

?PkgFieldArchive Archive

?PkgFieldVersion Version

?PkgFieldCompon Component

?PkgFieldOrigin Origin

?PkgFieldLabel Label

?PkgFieldArch Architecture

Creating a Release file

The Release file can be created with a text editor.

edit /dists/local/custom/binary-i586/Release:

edit /dists/local/custom/source/Release: