to fight against software patents

is a priority for those who

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Luttez contre le brevetage logiciel :

Fight against software patents :

A non-free program is a predatory social system that keeps people in a state of domination and division, and uses the spoils to dominate more. RMS

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Patents Are An Economic Absurdity

The EU was created to promote free markets within Europe, to remove the barriers to free entreprise, so that Europe would become a peaceful place where industry can grow and prosper and people can be free. Patents are the very essence of what the EU and the EC were created to fight: protectionism.

Historically, economically, philosophically, morally, technically, psychologically, socially, patents are but privileges that have no justification. They are harmful to the public at large, as customers, workers and investors alike.

Like all political frauds, patents are based on showing large benefits that are seen for a few, visible because of the focus, without showing the immense costs for everyone, that largely surpass the benefits, but are not seen because they are spread over so many people.

The EU should not extend protectionist patent laws so as to cover software. On the contrary, it should free the industry from the protectionist barriers of patents, and from the parasitism of industrial property lawyers.