Romania: Bucharest

The Romanian Debian community will organize a release party in Bucharest.

Location: 1&1 Internet, Eliade Tower, Bd, Mircea Eliade nr. 18

Date: 2013-05-11

Time: around 11:00 AM we'll hopefully get started

Coordinators: Ioan Eugen Stan, Dan Nicolae, Victor Nițu

The event will focus solely on Wheezy release, and will include several short presentations about the values of Debian involving servers, desktops, accessibility and about its community and evolution.

We are hoping to have some Debian merchandise for the event, and we're in the middle of preparations and still needy for any extra brains/hands. If you want to help, or have any party-related ideas, please write to and help us plan the event!

P.S. - please submit your Debian merchandise ideas to the above email before 2013-05-06, in order to consider them for production. There is, of course, a timing issue between us and the company who actually produces of the items.

The event will be planned on the local forum, and all the details will be posted on the main Debian wiki (this page), so keep an eye open on both of them if you can! You can register in advance using the event page, so we'd know how many seats we need ;-)