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Debian Wheezy Release Parties

Feel free to add your wheezy release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Bolivia: La Paz

Hacklab Bolivia

Sabado 4 de Mayo 15:00Hrs.

Lugar: Hacklab Bolivia



Canada: Kitchener-Waterloo

  • When: Monday, 6 May 2013 9:00pm (after the KWLUG meeting from 7:00pm to 9:00pm)

  • Where: St. Johns Kitchen, 97 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, Ontario (map)

  • What: Debian Wheezy release party at KWLUG

  • Bring: Party snack or beverage (and ignore Bob's request for Orange "C" Food)

  • More info: KWLUG: Follow the mailing list discussion on the Debian Wheezy Release Party

  • Online: IRC channel #kwlug on Freenode Web Chat


Canada: Montreal

  • When: Saturday May 11, from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM

  • Where: Coeur des Sciences, Complexe des sciences Pierre-Dansereau, UQAM - 175 Avenue du Président Kennedy.

  • What: Annonce de création de Debian Québec et lancement de Debian 7 « Wheezy »

  • Provided: Buttons, muffins, raffles Python presentations, and excellent company

  • Bring: OpenPGP fingerprints, laptops, respect & happiness :)

  • More info: Organized by FabianRodriguez - check LocalGroups/DebianQuebec/ReleasePartyWheezy for all events in Quebec and for more details on the Montreal event.

  • If you're organizing any other part feel free to use our invitation text as a template.

Canada: Quebec City

  • When: Saturday May 18, 1PM - ?

  • Where: 1560, route de l’Église, Québec G1W 3P7 (near corner of chemin St Louis / route de l’Église)

  • What: Workshops, demo

  • Provided: Wifi, workshops space

  • Bring: laptops

  • More info: Organized by Gabriel Cossette (LinuQ), coordination in Quebec province: FabianRodriguez - check LocalGroups/DebianQuebec/ReleasePartyWheezy for all events in Quebec and for more details on the Montreal event.

  • If you're organizing any other part feel free to use our invitation text as a template.

Canada: Toronto, Ontario

  • When: May 5th, 2013, 6:00 PM until whenever

  • Where: C'est What, 67 Front Street East near Church Street see : for more details. We will be meeting in the south east corner of the pub.

  • What: Just a general get together to discuss our favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

  • Provided: Nothing. This is a bring yourself meeting.

  • Bring: Yourself. Since this event is being hosted at a pub, the purchase of food and/or drink is encouraged, but not required.

  • More info: send an e-mail to: colin dot mc151 at gmail dot com .


Catalonia: Barcelona

Catalonia: Vallfogona de Ripollès

Colombia: Bogota

  • Cuando: 11 de Mayo, 2013. Desde 14:00 (Hora Local)

  • Donde: Fundación Casa del Bosque (Cra 3A No. 26B - 90)

  • Que haremos Se presentara una introducción a Wheezy junto con otras actividades adicionales ;)

  • Que traer: Si puedes portátil, Dinero, Cerveza y ganas de pasar un buen rato con todos nosotros :)

  • Contacto: <>


Colombia: Medellin

  • When: 11th May, 2013. 20:00 COT

  • Where: Medellin Beer Factory (Calle 10 Nro. 35 - 16)

  • What: beers + wings

  • Bring: money, laptops, GPG fingerprints...

  • More info: <>


Croatia: Split

Udruga SOK (Sustavi Otvorenog Koda/Open-Source Systems) is going to organize ReleasePartyWheezy. Details:

  • When: 10th May, 2013. 18:00h

  • Where: Savska bb, Split (near club Kocka)

  • Provided: wired + wireless net

  • Bring: laptops

Czech Republic: Brno

  • When: Thursday, May 16th, 6PM

  • Where: U Dřeváka (may be changed, will be announced on wiki)

  • What: To celebrate our favorite distribution and to meet each other.

  • More info: párty wiki

El Salvador: San Salvador

  • Cuándo: 4/5/2013, a partir de las 7:00 pm

  • Dónde: El Arpa Irlandés (zona San Luis),

  • Qué se hará: Conversar alegremente de todo lo relacionado a Debian y las novedades que tiene Wheezy, por supuesto.

  • Qué se regalará: Una ronda de cervezas para todos/as los/as presentes a las 8:00 pm, invita el kadejo.

  • Qué debes traer: Ganas de divertirte, plata para pagar tu cuenta

  • Más información: Lista debian-sv,

Finland: Hirvensalmi

  • When: 11.5.2013

  • Where: At my home in Hirvensalmi.

  • What: Free Party during the weekend.

  • Provided: Wireless Internet, homebrew beer, cookies, kitchen, sauna, backyard, swimming opportunity, camping, places for bedrolls, etc.

  • Bring: You better bring your own food stuff with ye, though porridge is served and maybe even lentil soup.

  • More info: Send email to for more info and directions.

Germany: Dresden

  • When: 2013-05-10 13:37

  • Where: Wolgaster Straße 2, 01109

  • What: preparation of debian logo shaped sausages will commence

  • Provided: small amount of hacker beer will be provided, also the grill, also wireless network access

  • Bring: your favorite caffeinatet beverage and all sorts of food

  • More info:

Germany: Hannover

  • When: 04.05.2013

  • Where: LeineLab Hannover

  • What: Wheezy Release Party

  • Provided: We have Club-Mate, LeetMate, PremiumCola

  • Bring: Laptops, GPG fingerprints ...

  • More info:


Germany: Munich

Germany: Rostock

  • When: 5th May 2013, 6pm

  • Where: Lohro (am Margaretenplatz)

  • What: Grillen und Debian installieren

  • Provided: grundlegende Grillausrüstung; ein Dach über dem Kopf

  • Bring: Essen und Getränke

  • More info: Opennet-Wiki

Greece: Thessaloniki

  • When: 19th May 2013, 6pm

  • Where: καφέ 'Εν Μικρώ' Αλεξ.Σβώλου 54

  • What: Θα πιούμε καφέ/μπύρα/κτλ με συζήτηση/ενημέρωση για οτι έχει σχέση με το Debian 7.0 Wheezy

  • Bring: Ελα να γνωριστούμε, φέρε και το laptop σου εαν το επιθυμείς

  • More info: Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες ελάτε στο #debian-gr

Guatemala: Ciudad de Guatemala

Ven a celebrar con la gente de Debian GT y unas sabrosas Guinness el release de la séptima entrega del Sistema Operativo Universal

Come to celebrate with the DebianGT people and some delicious Guinnes the release of the seventh delivery of the Universal Operative System.

Lugar/Place: Reilly's Irish Tavern 12 Calle 6-25 Zona 1 || Hora/Time: 2013-05-05 16:00:00 UTC-6


India: Bangalore

Free Software Movement Karnataka will organize a Debian release party in Bangalore at FSMK office in Willson garden on 12th May.

This will be another event as part of sunday school that FSMK is conducting every sunday.

India: MScFOSS Guest Lecture

  • When: 05.05.2013 during 1800-1900 HRS IST

  • Where: MScFOSS Guest Lecture

  • What: A virtual party in our guest lecture ( basically using ?BigBlueButton )

  • Provided: A real cake would be there( but you have to come to Delhi to have it :) ) and also some whistles/drums/instruments, with people in different locations....

  • Bring: A headphone with mic, webcam, and flash plugin, just try it out on

  • More info: If any Debian Contributor/Supporter wants to speak at this event, please let me know, mail me on parinDOTsharmaATgmailDOTcom, (and login details will be mailed to your id, please do it at least a day before party)

India: Kerala,Palakkad

  • When: Saturday May 4, from 10.30 AM to 2.00 PM

  • Where: NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala, India.

  • What: Swathanthra Malyalam Computing organized a small meet-up, where we can celebrated the release of Debian Wheezy

  • Provided: A cake and Free software song. :-)

  • Bring: Yourself.

* Photos , More Photos , and Moooree Photos ;)


  • Praveen Arimbrathodiyil
  • Hrishikesh K B
  • Nandaja Varma
  • Ershad Kunnakkadan
  • Shafeeq Kunnakkadan
  • Anish A

India: Pune

  • When: Saturday 11th May, 5:00 pm

  • Where: SICSR, Atur Centre, Model Colony, Pune

Room No 704, 7th floor ( room no. may change )

India: Trivandrum

FSUG Trivandrum and SPACE ( together celebrates Wheezy Release Party.

Indonesia: Banda Aceh

  • When: 11 Mei 2013, 16.15 WIB (GMT +7)

  • Where: Galang Indocafe Banda Aceh. Peta

  • What: Talk About Debian

  • More info: Sare Edukasi atau email

  • Note: Minuman disediakan seadanya

Indonesia: Purbalingga

  • When: Saturday, May 11, 2013, 08-12 WIB (GMT +7)

  • Where: Unsoed Blater Campus, Building C, C202 Room (Lokasi di OpenStreetMap)

  • What: Debian talk and discussion, Wheezy installation, project brainstorming

  • Provided: gethuk goreng, mineral water, limited amount of stickers, internet access, doorprize

  • Bring: laptop, DVD/CD, USB flashdrive, external harddrive, food, drink, ...

  • More info: OSC Unsoed, or stwn

Indonesia: Surabaya

  • When: Saturday, June 1st, 2013, 10:00-14:00 WIB (GMT +7)

  • Where: D'sert Cafe Intiland Tower 3rd Surabaya (7°16'21"S 112°44'35"E)

  • What: Talk About Debian

  • Provided: Snack, drink, Door Prize, Merchandise

  • Bring: laptop etc

  • More info: Sakti +6285707088810


Iran: Isfahan

  • When: 6 May 2013, 5pm

  • Where: Isfahan Central Library.

  • What: discussion, Celebrate Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu release, installation.

  • Provided:cake, Presentation of the new features.

  • Bring: Notebook, USB stick or external harddrive.

  • More info: IsfahanLUG page or IsfahanLUG on facebook.

Italy: Milano

  • When: Sunday 5th May 2013, 5:00 - 7:30 PM

  • Where: Openlabs, Piazza San Luigi 4, Milano

  • What: Release and Installation party

  • Bring: Notebook, DVD/CD, USB stick, external harddrive, food, drink, and, eventually, a Debian Developer.

  • Provided: Presentation of the new features

  • More info (in Italian): Openlabs / PC Officina Debian Wheezy Release Party

Italy: Varese

  • When: Fri May 3, 19:30

  • Where: Ristorante Tipamasaro di Gavirate.

  • What: Eat, Drink and Fun.

  • Provided: food, drink.

  • Bring: GPG fingerprints and, eventually, a Debian Developer.

  • More info: Send email to elena dot valhalla at gmail dot com

Japan: Tokyo

México: México City

  • Fecha: 04/05/2013

  • Lugar: Hackerspace de la Ciudad Monstruo, Juan Lucas Lassaga 115, Colonia Obrera, entre Isabel la Católica y 5 de febrero, a dos cuadras del metro San Antonio Abad línea 2.

  • Hora: 18:00 hrs.

  • Habrá: Festejo, charlas, firma de llaves, cerveza, convivencia, etc.

  • Trae: Lo que quieras...

  • Más info: <>

Netherlands: Groningen

Nicaragua: Managua

  • Fecha: 18/05/2013

  • Lugar: Restaurante La Trenza. Contiguo a CLARO Altamira. Frente a la Embajada de México.

  • Hora: 18:00 hrs.

  • Habrá: Wifi, festejo, firma de llaves, convivencia, discusiones informales.

  • Trae: Lo que quieras...

  • Más info: <>

Romania: Bucharest

The Romanian Debian community will organize a release party in Bucharest.

Location: 1&1 Internet, Eliade Tower, Bd, Mircea Eliade nr. 18

Date: 2013-05-11

Time: around 11:00 AM we'll hopefully get started

Coordinators: Ioan Eugen Stan, Dan Nicolae, Victor Nițu

The event will focus solely on Wheezy release, and will include several short presentations about the values of Debian involving servers, desktops, accessibility and about its community and evolution.

We are hoping to have some Debian merchandise for the event, and we're in the middle of preparations and still needy for any extra brains/hands. If you want to help, or have any party-related ideas, please write to and help us plan the event!

P.S. - please submit your Debian merchandise ideas to the above email before 2013-05-06, in order to consider them for production. There is, of course, a timing issue between us and the company who actually produces of the items.

The event will be planned on the local forum, and all the details will be posted on the main Debian wiki (this page), so keep an eye open on both of them if you can! You can register in advance using the event page, so we'd know how many seats we need ;-)

Russia, Novosibirsk

Describe ReleasePartyWheezy/Serbia/Čačak here.

Serbia: Čačak

  • When: 5th May, 18:00

  • Where: Železnicka bb Poslovni-tržni centar Vavilon

  • What: Music, discussion, install Debian, spreading FOS vibes

  • Bring: anything you want, food, drink, DVD/CDs to burn and laptops to install Debian

  • More info:

Thailand: Khon Kaen

Turkey: Ankara

  • When: May 6th at 17:00 and May 8th at 17:00

  • Where: at Kızılay, in ?ParaBilgi office.

  • What: drinks, lots of food and much more "geyik"

  • Provided: drinks (non alcohol), food, some joke staff

  • Bring: sober mind ;)

  • More info:

Ankara : Bilkent

  • When: May 7th at 13:00

  • Where: at B309, Bilkent Computer Center, Bilkent University

  • What: "Sohbet"

  • Provided: Only fast network.

  • Bring: sober mind ;)

  • More info:

USA: New York

USA: Portland, Oregon

  • When: Sunday, May 5th, 3pm-5pm

  • Where: Mount Tabor Park, vicinity of Picnic Site A

  • What: Wheezy Release Picnic

  • Bring: Food and Drink to share

  • More info: #debian-pdx

park information: map:

Venezuela: Caracas

  • When: 5th May, about 5 p.m. / 5 de Mayo, desde las 5:00 p.m.

  • Where: Apartamento de Covetel, diagonal al Centro Plaza. Primera Transversal de Los Palos Grandes, Edf. Don Pedro. (

  • What: Hack, Talks, Brain Storming, Beers, Pizzas / Hackear, Conversar, Tormentas de Ideas, Cervezas, Pizzas.

  • Bring: What do you want: Beers, Laptop, Webcam, External Hard Drive, Patch cords, Caciques [1]

  • More info: /

  • Parking info: Parking in the Centro Plaza (open parking 24h)


  1. Walter Vargas
  2. Jose Luis Rey
  3. Nerissa Aguilera
  4. Joel Gomez
  5. Juan Angulo Moreno (apostols)
  6. Luis Alfredo da Silva
  7. Kamihacker (Google Hangout)
  8. Alejandro Garrido Mota (moogal)
  9. José Luis Rivas (ghostbar)
  10. Richzendy Contreras and María 'tatica' Leandro (Google Hangout)
  11. Damián Fossi (Google Hangout)


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