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 * '''Where:''' on the [[http://debian-party-line.branchable.com/|Debian Party Line]], a mumble-based voice chat.  * '''Where:''' on the DebianPartyLine, a mumble-based voice chat.

Debian Suite Release Parties

Feel free to add your suite release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Add your city

Enter city name (in format Country/City with no spaces) in the text box below and press the button:

Debian Party Line

There will also be a distributed release celebration on the Debian Party Line, a mumble-based voice chat.

  • Where: on the DebianPartyLine, a mumble-based voice chat.

  • What: talk, maybe music

  • Promotion: #debian-devel

  • Reports:

  • List of potential attendants: