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 * '''When:''' Jun 25, 12:00–17:00
 * '''Where:''' [[https://moztw.org/space|Mozilla Community Space Taipei]] ([[http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/3051216659|map]])
 * '''What:'''
   * [[https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18|DebConf18]] call for volunteers.
   * [[DebianTaiwan/ReleasePartyStretch/KeySigningParty|Key Signing Party]]
   * Lightning talks.
 * '''Provided:'''
   * Beamer and mineral water provided on site.
 * '''Bring:'''
   * GPG fingerprints for signing party.
   * Lightning talks if you want to bring something to us.
   * Lunch to share.
 * '''時間 When:''' Jun 25, 12:00–17:00
 * '''地點 Where:''' [[https://moztw.org/space|摩茲工寮 (Mozilla Community Space Taipei)]] ([[http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/3051216659|map]])
 * '''活動 What:'''
   * [[https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18|DebConf18]] 徵招義工 Call for Volunteers
   * [[DebianTaiwan/ReleasePartyStretch/KeySigningParty|金鑰簽名會 Key Signing Party]]
   * 閃電講 Lightning talks
 * '''會場提供 Provided:'''
   * 會場提供投影機、飲水機、無線網路 Beamer, mineral water and Wi-Fi internet access provided on site.
   * 可攜帶食物入場,但請將食用完的垃圾帶走 Foods are allowed, but please take the garbage away.
 * '''可以攜帶 Bring:'''
   * [[DebianTaiwan/ReleasePartyStretch/KeySigningParty|若要參加 KSP 請攜帶您的身份證件和金鑰列表紙本 Government issued ID and hard copy of key list for KSP]]
   * 要分享的閃電講內容 Lightning talks if you want to bring something to us
   * 要分享的午餐 Lunch to share
   * 想要安裝 Debian 的筆電 Laptop if you want to install Debian on it

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