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== Country: City == == Deutschland: Berlin ==

Deutschland: Berlin

  • When: 17.06.2017 (Time:TBD)

  • Where: club rooms of IN-Berlin and [Be]LUG, Lehrter Straße 53, 10557 Berlin-Mitte (openstreetmap link) (Anfahrt [german description]) (Vereinsraum [german description])

  • What: TBD: come together and celebrate the new debian release, some talks, install party,..

  • Provided: space for max. 50 people, 2 conference rooms with beamer, fast internet for free, drinks and snacks at cost price

  • Bring: TBD: anything people should bring, like towels, fancy hats, costumes, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info: TBD: link to the page where people can get more information and/or discuss event

  • Promotion: TBD: links to mails, blog posts, tweets or other promotion done for the event.

  • Reports: TBD: links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event.