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{{http://news.debian.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/squeeze_countdown.png|Squeeze Countdown|align="top"}} [[http://deb.li/squeeze|{{http://news.debian.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/squeeze_countdown.png|Get Debian Squeeze!|align="top"}}]]
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[[DebianSqueeze]] is not released yet but it is [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2011/01/msg00003.html|scheduled]] to be released the weekend of the 5th-6th of February. So it is a good time to plan squeeze release party in your country. Yes, [[DebianSqueeze]] has been [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-announce/2011/msg00001.html|released]]!
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Enter city name (in format '''Country: City''') in text box below and press the button:
<<NewPage(ReleasePartySqueezeTemplate,Add my city,ReleasePartySqueeze)>>
Enter city name (in format '''Country/City''') in text box below and press the button:
<<NewPage(ReleasePartyTemplate,Add my city,ReleasePartySqueeze)>>

= Debian Party Line =

There will also be a distributed release celebration on the [[http://debian-party-line.branchable.com/|Debian Party Line]], a mumble-based voice chat.

Get Debian Squeeze!


  1. Debian Squeeze Release Parties
  2. Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:
    1. Argentina: Córdoba
    2. Australia: Adelaide
    3. Australia: Perth
    4. Austria: Vienna
    5. Belarus: Minsk
    6. Belgium: FOSDEM
      1. Thanks to everyone
      2. Participants
      3. Will still go to the initially planed location according to ThorstenGlaser and BennySiegert
    7. Bolivia : La Paz
    8. Brazil: Belo Horizonte
    9. Brazil: Brasília
    10. Brazil: Campo Grande
    11. Brazil: Curitiba
    12. Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
      1. Participants
    13. Brazil: Salvador
    14. Brazil: Santos
    15. Brasil: Santos
    16. Brazil: São Paulo
    17. Bulgaria: Pernik
    18. Bulgaria: Sofia
    19. Bulgaria: Yambol
    20. Canada: Montréal
    21. Chile: Nacimiento
    22. Colombia Chaparral-Tolima
    23. Colombia: Bogotá
      1. Participants
    24. Colombia: Medellin
    25. Colombia: Pereira
    26. Costa Rica: San José
    27. Czech Republic: Jablonec nad Nisou
    28. El Salvador: San Salvador
    29. Estonia: Tartu
    30. Finland: Helsinki
    31. France: Lyon
    32. Germany: Dortmund
    33. Germany: Düsseldorf
    34. Germany: Flensburg
    35. Germany: Mannheim
    36. Germany: Munich
    37. Germany: Rostock
    38. Guatemala: Ciudad de Guatemala
    39. India: Kozhikode
    40. India: Mumbai
    41. Iran: Guilan
    42. Iran: Tehran
    43. Italia: Finale Ligure
    44. Italia: Firenze
    45. Italia: Padova
    46. Argentina: Mar del Plata
    47. Moldova: Chișinău
    48. Morocco: Rabat
    49. México: Chiapas
    50. México: Ciudad de México
    51. México: Guadalajara
    52. México: Mérida
    53. México: Valladolid
    54. Mexico: Veracruz
    55. Paraguay: Encarnacion
    56. Philippines: Makati
    57. Poland: Katowice
    58. Poland: Szczecin
      1. Participants
    59. Portugal: Gondomar
    60. Republic of Srpska: Banja Luka
    61. România: Bucharest
    62. România: Sibiu
    63. România: Târgu Mureş
    64. Russia: Moscow
    65. Russia: Novosibirsk
    66. Scotland: Edinburgh
    67. Serbia: Belgrade
    68. Serbia: Čačak
    69. Spain: A Coruña
    70. Spain: Albacete
    71. Spain: Ciudad Real
    72. Switzerland: Basel
    73. Taiwan: Taipei
    74. Thailand: Khon Kaen
    75. UK: Cambridge
    76. USA: Columbus, OH
    77. USA: Michigan (Grand Rapids/Wyoming)
    78. USA: Kansas City, MO
    79. USA: Hanover, NH
    80. USA: New York
    81. USA: Portland, OR
    82. USA: San Antonio, Texas
    83. Venezuela: Barquisimeto
    84. Venezuela: Caracas
      1. Participants
      2. Pics
    85. Venezuela: Ciudad Guayana
    86. Venezuela: Mérida
    87. Venezuela: Valencia
    88. 中國: 德慶
  3. Add your city
  4. Debian Party Line

Debian Squeeze Release Parties

Yes, DebianSqueeze has been released!

Feel free to add your squeeze release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Argentina: Córdoba

  • When: February 5th, 2011. Time to be announced.

  • Where: Córdoba, Exact location not decided yet

  • What: Drink beer, Chat, Burn CDs.

  • Bring: Money, Laptop, CDs, and Good mood.

Australia: Adelaide

  • When: Sunday 6th, Starting noonish (when the earl opens)

  • Where: The Earl of Leicester, liars bar.

  • What: Anyone who wants, show up, talk about... stuff :)

  • Bring: Fingerprints and ID if you want to do keysigning, otherwise some money for drinks and or food.

  • More info: I've not booked or anything, because i'm not expecting a huge turnout. message me if you need to though. 0405360174 or karl@kgoetz.id.au

Australia: Perth

  • When: 6pm, Feb 6th 2011

  • Where: The Moon & Sixpence

  • What: beersigning, chat

  • Bring: money, keysigning stuff, maybe laptops

  • Reportback:

Several folks attended; Gary, Paul, Ash, Julia, Nick and Alastair. We had a few beers, discussed Debian squeeze and demoed it, discussed the new Debian website, motorbikes, LCA, PLUG stuff, open mobile bits and more.

Austria: Vienna

Also see: Debienna (local group in Vienna, Austria).

  • When: 10.02.2011 (or a sequent Thursday if not released)

  • Where: Operngasse 9

  • What: Party

  • Bring: You can bring food and your laptop

  • More info: About Debienna and that day

Belarus: Minsk

Belgium: FOSDEM

NEW venues and times!

Participants list to the ReleasePartySqueeze/Belgium/FOSDEM.

Please add your name below if you'd like to participate to a Debian dinner at http://madamolsen.be/ on FOSDEM 2011 Saturday night, to party in honor of the release of Debian Squeeze.

Inscriptions for the Debian Dinner are closed. We nevertheless will have an open party afterwards:

Thanks to everyone

It was a very nice event, and i want to thanks all Debian team for their work.

Antony "X00" Lemmens


  1. Arne "Plentyn" Wichmann

  2. formorer
  3. StefanoZacchiroli

  4. Axel Beckert

  5. Jana
  6. EnricoTassi

  7. Rhalina
  8. LucasNussbaum

  9. FaidonLiambotis

  10. ?GuidoTrotter

  11. MichaelBanck

  12. MartinMichlmayr

  13. KevinGlynn

  14. ?GregorHerrmann

  15. DominiqueDumont

  16. LucaCapello

  17. MartinFerrari

  18. RalfTreinen

  19. ?MarcFournier

  20. ObeyArthurLiu

  21. SerafeimZanikolas

  22. SimonRichter

  23. ?ReneEngelhard

  24. FlorianBoelstler

  25. ?MichaelGermini

  26. JordiMallach

  27. ?GijsHillenius

  28. +1
  29. ?HeikeJurzik

  30. ?TeemuHukkanen

  31. ?StefanHornburg

  32. ?JureKodzoman

  33. ?AsbjornSlothTonnesen

  34. ?PeterEisentraut

  35. BdaleGarbee

  36. Dario Minnucci
  37. Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta
  38. Antony "X00" Lemmens
  39. Hélène Fourmanoir
  40. wingfire
  41. ?KarlheinzGeyer

  42. ?NanäaGeyer

  43. Mr. Luk Claes

Will still go to the initially planed location according to ThorstenGlaser and BennySiegert

  1. ThorstenGlaser

  2. gecko2
  3. ?BennySiegert

  4. Janina
  5. ?DanielSeuffert

Bolivia : La Paz

  • Cuando: Sábado 5 de febrero de 2010 hasta domingo 16.

  • Donde: En el Hacklab ubicado en la ciudad de La Paz.

  • Actividades: Comida, cerveza, películas, revisión de la historia de Debian, Hacktaphi, ...

  • Bring: En lo posible: laptops, dinero, modems con conexión a internet, comida, algo para compartir. Obligatorio: ganas de divertirse, buen humor :).

  • Mas información: www.hacklab.org.bo

Brazil: Belo Horizonte

Brazil: Brasília

  • When: February 5th, 2011 - 16:00h.

  • Where: Armazém do Brás

  • What: Beer, food, talk, meet debian users

  • Bring: Food, drinks(Beers), laptops, GPG fingerprints, money

  • More info: Memnemonics fike’s

Brazil: Campo Grande

Brazil: Curitiba

  • When: February 5th, 2011, 20h30m.

  • Where: Curitiba, Joe Banana's das Mercês. Avenida Manoel Ribas, 552.

  • What: Drink, food, talk, meet Debian users.

  • Bring: Money, stickers, whatever.

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro


  1. Caroline Dias
  2. Daniela Fernandes
  3. Diego Gonzalez
  4. Diogo Leal
  5. Eduardo Fernandes
  6. Eliane Domingos
  7. Fernando Mercês
  8. Gustavo
  9. Og Maciel (remote)
  10. Oscar Marques
  11. Márcio
  12. Paulo Arruzzo
  13. Roger Diemer
  14. Shoei Netto
  15. Vinicius Feitosa

Brazil: Salvador

  • When: 06/Feb, 18h

  • Where: Batataria Moema, Rio Vermelho (http://www.moemabatataria.com.br/)

  • What: Talk about Debian, celebrate Squeeze, drink/eat stuff

  • Bring: Debian t-shirts, laptops (optional),

Brazil: Santos

  • When: 5th February 2011 at 4:00PM

  • Where: To be defined (soon after monthly meeting of GCC-SD (http://www.gccsd.com.br), but not sure in same place)

  • What: Just nerds celebrating the Debian Squeeze release and talking about free software.

  • Bring: All you want and let's celebrate the freedom and the Debian!

  • More info: Soon as possible or -> http://forum.gccsd.com.br/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11

Brasil: Santos

  • Quando: 5 de Fevereiro de 2011, 16h. (hora local / UTC -2)

  • Onde: A ser definido (Logo após o encontro mensal do GCC-SD (http://www.gccsd.com.br), mas não necessariamente no mesmo local.)

  • O quê: Somente nerds festejando o lançamento do Debian Squeeze e trocando idéias sobre o lançamento do Debian Squeeze.

  • Trazer: O que quiser e vamos celebrar a liberdade e o Debian!

  • Mais informações: Logo que possível ou em -> http://forum.gccsd.com.br/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11

Brazil: São Paulo

Party 1

  • When: 5th February at 10am to 4pm

  • Where: 4linux auditorium - Rua Teixeira da Silva, 660 - Paraiso, São Paulo, São Paulo

  • What: Install debian, met debian users, talking about debian, debian-sp

  • Bring: Food, Something to drink, Laptop, yourself and your debian way of life. (Not a ?InstallFest, no computers please. But laptops are wellcome)

  • More info: 4Linux location: http://goo.gl/LRTT4

Party 2

  • When: 5th February at 4pm to ....

  • Where: Miradouro bar

  • What: just have some beer and meet Debian fans

  • Bring: Laptop and the Sheldon Cooper that lives into you. Bazinga!

  • More info: Miradouro locations is at http://eri.cx/2H

Bulgaria: Pernik

  • When: 5th February,about 7 p.m.

  • Where: Business Club Vardar

  • What: Beer,BBQ,whiskey,rakija, salad and foooood

  • Bring: Everything what you want. P.S. laptops especially if you want Debian Squeeze

  • More info: kalin@iptvnet.eu

Bulgaria: Sofia

Bulgaria: Yambol

  • When: February 05, 2011. 20:00

  • Where: Beli Drin 10 (voipzag telecom)

  • What: Beer, food, talk, meet debian users

  • Bring: food, drinks(Beers), laptops, GPG fingerprints

  • More info: dev@optnet.me

Canada: Montréal

  • When: February 5th, 2011. 17h00 EST (22:00 UTC)

  • Where: Montréal, Broue Pub Brouhaha, 5860, avenue de Lorimier

  • Google: http://bit.ly/i4IvOV

  • What: Drink beer, Chat, Burn CDs.

  • Bring: Money, Laptop, CDs/USB-drive and Good mood.

  • More info:http://www.brouepubbrouhaha.com/

  • Contact: daemons.ca AT gmail DOT com

Chile: Nacimiento

Colombia Chaparral-Tolima

  • When: El 5 o 6 febrero (el día será cuando se pueda descargar la versión estable de la página oficial)

  • Where: en mi casa :) (en las profundidades inexorables de mi habitación)

  • What: pos no se... zurumba, chicha lo que sea... se descargará la versión estable y se procederá a la instalación del sistema operativo y subsecuentemente a la instalación y configuración de algunos programas

  • Bring: pos upe turupe que tampoco se... ahí verán

nota: como al parecer y hasta donde me he enterado en donde habito soy el único que utiliza Gnu-Linux entonces realizaré la fiesta de lanzamiento sólo... esto con el objetivo primero de disfrutar de la instalación de la nueva versión estable de Debian y también con el objetivo tal vez de incentivar a que en un futuro sean más las personas que realicemos y participemos de esta fiesta de lanzamiento

Colombia: Bogotá


  1. ?oscar3425

  2. ?AndresVia

Colombia: Medellin

Colombia: Pereira

  • When: February 5, 2011 - 19:00

  • Where: Parnaso Bar - Cr6 23-35

  • What: Beer, food, talk, meet debian users

  • Bring: Whatever you want

  • More info: diegomad(at)gmail(dot)com - webchat

Costa Rica: San José

Czech Republic: Jablonec nad Nisou

  • When: 5th February / 5. unora

  • Where: Ex club / Klub Ex

  • What: Beer, wine, whisky & so on / Pivko, vino, panak a tak dal

  • Bring: Good mood especially, also anything else you need / Dobrou naladu predevsim a cokoli co s sebou chcete

  • More info: kslibereckykraj@ceskapiratskastrana.cz

El Salvador: San Salvador

Estonia: Tartu

  • When: 2011-02-05

  • Where: Selgitamisel

  • What: Võtame Pitsi, installfest?

  • Bring: Kärakat?

  • More info: /msg -ircnet ander, /join -ircnet #linux.ee

Finland: Helsinki

  • When: Thu 10th of February

  • Where: Bruuveri, Kamppi

  • What: Meeting as part of Free Thursday

  • Bring: yourself and others

  • More info: http://free-thursday.pieni.net/

France: Lyon

  • When: February 5th, 2011. 19:30

  • Where: La Piazza Papa. 34, Rue Tupin, 69002 Lyon

  • What: Dinner, maybe drinks later.

  • Bring: money and GPG fingerprints

  • More info: mail me if you are coming so we'll wait for you ana@debian.org

Germany: Dortmund

  • When: 5.2.2011 20:00

  • Where: Chaostreff Dortmund (Langer August, Braunschweiger Straße 22, second floor)

  • What: drink, talk, play, party!

  • Bring: if you like bring some noodle salad or similiar

  • More info: http://www.chaostreff-dortmund.de/

Germany: Düsseldorf

Germany: Flensburg

  • When: 05.02.2011 16:00

  • Where: Treffpunkt Mürwik (Kielseng 30, 24937 Flensburg)

  • What: Install- and Releaseparty!

  • Bring: Your laptop or computer for installation. M$ removal-support available ;-)

  • We provide: Network equipment, installation-mirror, small internet-Connection :-(

  • More Infos: http://www.lugfl.de

  • vi har også nogen til stæde some taler dansk

Nice event with about 20 visitors. We started at 16:00 with installations and Upgrade. Some problems with our mirror. All installations and updates finished successfully. Nice Release...

Germany: Mannheim

  • When: 05.02.2011 20:00 - 06.02.2011 08:00

  • Where: RaumZeitLabor Mannheim

  • What: Party in a large Hackerpace! We have Mate and Internet.

  • Bring: Some Salad, etc. if you want.

  • More info: More questions? Visit us @hackint in #raumzeitlabor

Germany: Munich

== Germany: Neuss

Germany: Rostock

Guatemala: Ciudad de Guatemala

  • When: 5 feb 2010 10:00 A.M. 5th February, about 10:00 A.M. / 5 de Febrero, desde las 10:00 A.M.

  • Where: Biblioteca Central USAC, Fourth floor / Cuarto nivel de Biblioteca Central.

  • What: Talks, food and drinks / Charlas, comida y bebida.

  • Bring: GPG fingerprints and whatever you want (Bring money to help pay the bill). / Tus "GPG fingerprints" y lo que quieras.

  • More Info.: http://ur1.ca/33rxv.

India: Kozhikode

  • When: February 6th 2011

  • Where: NIT Calicut Campus, Kozhikode, Kerala

  • What: FOSSMeet 2011

  • Email: fossmeetnitc AT googlegroups DOT com

India: Mumbai

  • When: February 6th 2011 at 5.30 PM.

  • Where: Vivek Varghese Cherian (GNU/Linux Users Group, Mumbai, India), 9/B Vikas Finlay Towers, Parel Tank Road,Lower Parel,Mumbai.

  • What: Install Fest, (GPG Keysigning Party), Cake Cutting.

  • Bring: Laptops,GPG fingerprints,CDs/DVDs,Food (Snacks,Cakes,Sandwitches),Tea/Coffee etc

  • More info: Contact: Vivek Varghese Cherian

  • Email: com DOT gmail AT vivekcherian

  • Mobile: 9987676274

Please add your name below if you'd like to participate in the Debian release Party in Mumbai on 6th February 2011 at 5.30 PM.


Iran: Guilan

  • When: February 11th, 2011. 11h00 IRST (07:30 UTC)

  • Where: Guilan, Rasht, Sabzemeydan, Talequani Street (Bisotoon), Sartip-pour Alley, Haniball Cofeenet

  • What: Talk about debian, distribute debian DVDs, Drink, eat sweets and chocolates!

  • Bring: Money, Laptop and Good mood

  • More info: Guilug.org

  • Contact: info AT guilug D.O.T org

Iran: Tehran

  • When: February 10th, 2011. 13h00 IRST (09:30 UTC)

  • Where: Tehran, Keshavarz blvd, Saman building, Cafe Prague

  • What: Talk about debian, distribute debian DVDs, eat debian cake!

  • Bring: Money, Laptop and Good mood

  • More info: FreeMind.ir

  • Contact: abbas AT gnu D.O.T org

  • Party news (in Persian): FreeMind.ir

  • Party Photos: Here

Italia: Finale Ligure

Italia: Firenze

Italia: Padova

  • Quando: sabato 5 febbraio 2011 alle 19:30

  • Dove: Sede FSUG Padova, poi ci sposteremo in una pizzeria

  • Cosa faremo: Chiacchierata tra amici e spiegazioni a richiesta su Debian e su GNU/Linux

  • Cosa portare: Portate solo voi stessi e tanta voglia di imparare ;-)

  • Altre Informazioni: http://www.fsugpadova.org/

Argentina: Mar del Plata

  • When: 12/02/2011 a la 00:30

  • Where: Roca e Independencia

  • What: Debian Squeeze partuza... Cerveza, música y puro Debian.

  • Bring: traer algo para tomar, CD's virgen para grabarse, ganas de debatir y divertirse.

  • More info: http://www.proyectoslum.com.ar

Moldova: Chișinău

Morocco: Rabat

  • When: February 05, 2011 afternoon

  • Where: Rabat, Agdal

  • What: Drink and talk

  • Bring: Money, laptops and good mood

  • More info: <handrix@gmail.com>

México: Chiapas

  • When: 6 feb 8pm

  • Where: tuxtla gtz, (dirección via email)

  • What: Chelas,Música,botana,Platicas

  • Bring: dinero,laptops,bebidas

  • More info: rafael@Bucio.com.mx

México: Ciudad de México

Party 1

  • Cuándo: Sábado 05 de Febrero, 10:00 hrs.

  • Dónde: Compugraf

  • Mapa: GoogleMap

  • Qué: Descarga, instalación, convivencia, compartir experiencias.

  • Trae: Tu equipo de computo y ganas de convivir.

  • Más información: Compugraf_Contacto

  • Contactos: lurkan AT gmail DOT com ; odinmojica AT gmail DOT com ; avila.christopher AT gmail DOT com

  • Identi.ca/Twitter: @odinm @asternux

Party 2

  • Cuándo: Sábado 12 de febrero, 16:00 hrs.

  • Dónde: Hacklab ZAM

  • Qué: Firmado de llaves GPG, música, ¡cerveza!, pláticas, instalación.

  • Trae: Lo que gustes...

  • Más información: http://espora.org/zam/sitio/

México: Guadalajara

México: Mérida

México: Valladolid

  • When: 5 or 6 feb 8pm

  • Where: fte parque de colonos, (aun pensando)

  • What: beer, food, karaoke (habra cervezas, botanas, música)

  • Bring: food, drink, laptops, netbooks, etc (pueden llevar comida, bebida, laptops, netbooks, etc)

  • More info: debianinformatica@gmail.com

Mexico: Veracruz

Paraguay: Encarnacion

  • When: February 5th - 7PM.

  • Where: Alexis Daciuk´s Home

  • What: BBQ, Beers, Talk, Meet Debian Users

  • Bring: Beer and laptops

  • More info: If you have cuestions, ask to "adaciuk _at_ gmail _dot_ com"

Philippines: Makati

  • When: February 11, 7pm

  • Where: Orange and Bronze Software Labs, http://goo.gl/pTIch

  • What: Food, show-and-tell, maybe some talk about getting a Debian LUG together, CD distro

  • Bring: blank media for Debian ISOs, GPG fingerprints (if interested in keysigning)

  • More info: TBA

Poland: Katowice

Poland: Szczecin

  • When: 5th February, 6 p.m.

  • Where: Brama Jazz Cafe (Plac Holdu Pruskiego 1)

  • What: Drink beer, talk, connect with FOSDEM

  • Bring: cash, laptops, good mood (not God Mode!)

  • More info: michal.s@miesiecznik.net


  1. Michał Smereczyński
  2. Mariusz Kozakowski
  3. Grzegorz Adamowicz (gstlt)
  4. Andrzej Godziuk (GDR!)
  5. Krzysztof Czajkowski (czaja)
  6. Pamela Rojek (Franciszka)
  7. Tomasz Woźniak (tomlee)
  8. harston
  9. Lidia (infomanka)
  10. drozdo
  11. Krzysztof Korościk (soltys)

Portugal: Gondomar

Republic of Srpska: Banja Luka

  • When:5th February,12:00

  • Where: Amfiteatar Masinskog fakulteta

  • What: Small Debian and Open Source presentation

  • Bring: Everything what you want. P.S. laptops especially if you want Debian Squeeze

  • More info: zlatan.todoric@gmail.com

România: Bucharest

  • When: January 5th 2011

  • Where: restaurant Excalibur, Piața Revoluției (Str. Academiei)

  • What: beer party, what else ?

  • Bring: sense of humour.

  • More info: http://wiki.lug.ro/Debian/SqueezeParty

România: Sibiu

  • When: February 05, 2011 19:00 EET

  • Where: Haler Caffe (Piața Mare GPS coordinates: 45°47'47.10" N 24°09'08.37" E)

  • What: GPG keysigning, technical discussion, drink beer and talk about debian

  • Bring: GPG fingerprints, laptops especially if you want Debian Squeeze and good mood

  • More info: sblug@liste.sblug.ro http://www.sblug.ro/debian-squeeze-release-party

România: Târgu Mureş

Russia: Moscow

  • When: February 10, 2011 — 19:00 (Moscow Time)

  • Where: Irish pub Doolin House, Arbat st., 20

  • What: talk, drink, play, party! Rockabilly music

  • Bring: yourself and your Debian friends, money ~ 6.0.0 RuR

  • More info: web-site

Russia: Novosibirsk

Scotland: Edinburgh

  • When: Saturday 5 February, 1800 onwards

  • Where: Cumberland Bar -- inside, look for the Debian logo if you don't recognise us

  • What: beer and food

  • More info: moray on irc.debian.org / moray@debian.org

Serbia: Belgrade

  • When: Friday, 11. February 2011. 22h CET

  • Where: Club Green House, Doktora Dragoslava Popovica 22 map info

  • What: Meet cool people, install brand new Debian release, burn CD/DVDs, drinks, music, darts...

  • Bring: CD/DVDs, laptop, smile, yourself and your Debian friends

  • More info: debian@resenje.org

Serbia: Čačak

  • When: 5th February, 18:00

  • Where: Zeleznicka bb Poslovni-trzni centar Vavilon

  • What: Music, party, talk, drink, install Debian, spreading FOS vibes

  • Bring: anything you want, food, drink, CDs to burn and laptops

  • More info: talekk@yu1.net

Spain: A Coruña

Spain: Albacete

  • When: 05-02-2011 18:00

  • Where: Cafeteria Broxton. C/Rosario 67

  • What: Talk, Install & Beers Party

  • Bring: money, laptops, thirst and hapiness...

  • More info: http://www.linuxalbacete.org

Spain: Ciudad Real

  • When: February 5th, 2011. 16h (GMT+1)

  • Where: Escuela Superior de Informática de Ciudad Real

  • What: Drink, Food, Install Party and talks (in spanish)

  • Bring: Money (5-10 euro) and laptop

  • More info: CRySoL mailing list

Switzerland: Basel

  • When: 5th starting 2000h, 6th of February

  • Where: Muttenz by Basel, Birsfelderstrasse 6 (Hackerspace R.A.I.F.) (Stairs that lead from the front of the house to the cellar)

  • Who: Contact: folken at kabelsalat dot ch | GSM: zero seven nine 712 37 43

  • What: Free Beer, Tschunk, Mate, Mate Cola, Linux, Talk, Food, free software, local Debian mirror, food, seating, heat, wlan, good Internet, compatible 2-leg entities, bunker for script kiddies, ?StarTrek flipper machine (analog not Debian-based... yet.), soldering irons, beamer,

  • Bring: Anything you want/need for a good party.; A good mood!;

  • Note: Since previous owner doesn't seem reachable, we decided to hijack this party to our newly rebuilt hackerspace. All welcome.

Taiwan: Taipei

Flickr 上 honkia 的 debian release party in taipei

Thailand: Khon Kaen

UK: Cambridge

  • When: Saturday 5th February 2011

  • Where: SteveMcIntyre's house (87 Kendal Way, Cambridge CB4 1LP)

  • What: help to test the release CDs, then party until the small hours

  • Bring: yourself

  • More info: TBA

USA: Columbus, OH

  • When: 5 Feb 2011, 3PM

  • Where: Woody's Tavern, Ohio Union, OSU

  • What: Food, perhaps drinks, fun, Debian installations

  • Bring: Laptops

  • More info: squeeze at opensource dot osu dot edu, #osu_osc on Freenode

USA: Michigan (Grand Rapids/Wyoming)

  • When: Superbowl Sunday, February 6, 2011 15:30 (3:30PM)

  • Where: Patio area of Woody's Press Box, 5656 Clyde Park Avenue Southwest, Wyoming, MICHIGAN 49509-9721

  • What: Debian Superinstallfestbowl - come for the Debian, stay for the big screen Superbowl

  • Bring: equipment to install Debian on, any extra install media helpful, any Debian t-shirts/banners/etc if you have them!

  • More info: Install your Debian, drink your beer, eat your food, stay for the Superbowl game day events beginning at 5:30PM. Depending on how many people show, I can see about working out arrangements for food and drink. Please fill out this poll to let us know how many are coming. The location has free wifi.

USA: Kansas City, MO

  • When: February 05, 2011 7pm CST

  • Where: The Flying Saucer 101 East 13th St.

  • What: beer, food, party

  • Bring: laptops

  • More info: shane@par-due.com, Look for the Debian balloon!

USA: Hanover, NH

  • When: Feb 07, 2010

  • Where: NeuroDebian Headquarters, Moore Hall 419, Dartmouth College

  • What: Work and Fun

  • Bring: food, drink, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info: team@neuro.debian.net for any questions/coordination

USA: New York

  • When: Sunday Feb 6

  • Where: JimmyKaplowitz's place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

    • Details provided to attendees
  • What: Squeeze Installfest & party timed to coincide with the Super Bowl. A TV, food/beverages, and a Debian mirror will all be present.

  • Bring: Squeeze shaped cookies (or mebbe a cake?) would be very well received. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Aidmh0%2BoL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

  • Who: Everyone in Debian-NYC is pre-approved, as are their significant others, though RSVPs would help planning. Anyone else who wants to come or lacks location/contact info should ask (see below); most people will be welcome until space fills up.

  • More info: jimmy@debian.org, IRC, Debian-NYC mailing list or see the Debian-NYC wiki: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianNYC

USA: Portland, OR

  • When: Sunday Feb. 6th, 18:00 - 20:00

  • Where: Backspace 115 NW 5th Ave

  • What: Food, drinks, and installing Debian.

  • Bring: blank cds, cd burning capable laptops, and good cheer!

USA: San Antonio, Texas

  • When: Feb 2, 2011 5pm CST

  • Where: Freetail Brewing Co. 4035 N Loop 1604 W Ste 105

  • What: Beer, pizza, shenanigans.

  • Bring: Whatever

  • More info: eevans@sym-link.com

Venezuela: Barquisimeto

  • When: Sábado 05 de Febrero. A partir de las 8:00pm

  • Where: Bunker del Este, C.C. Río Lama

  • What: Caña, Rock y Troleo.

  • Bring: Dinero para las cervezas. Precios solidarios.

  • More info: manuel at elrancho dot com dot ve

Venezuela: Caracas

  • When: 5th February, about 6 p.m. / 5 de Febrero, desde las 6:00 p.m.

  • Where: El Solar del Vino (Terraza). Final Avenida Blandín con Av. Avila, La Castellana, diagonal con la Torre Corp Banca.

  • What: Drink beer, Pizza, talk. / Curdas, Pizza, Conversar (No limitativo).

  • Bring: Whatever you want (Bring money to help pay the bill). / Lo que quieras (lleva dinero para ayudar a pagar la cuenta).

  • More info: juan@apuntale.com / m@0x29.com.ve / http://www.elsolardelvino.com


  1. apostols

  2. alberkman
  3. tatica
  4. j3nnn1
  5. Richzendy
  6. m1m1
  7. ellanos
  8. livre
  9. Caronte
  10. mogaal
  11. azra3l
  12. hripro
  13. cmarrero
  14. n3r0
  15. Jø¢ħø


Here! (Thanks María 'tatica' Leandro): http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/sets/72157625996122260/with/5425004394/

Venezuela: Ciudad Guayana

  • When: El 5 de febrero, a las 6:00 pm

  • Where: Aun por confirmar

  • What: Cervezas, Torta, Parrilla, pizza, agua-ardiente

  • Bring: Lo que puedas traer

  • More info: globehackers@gmail.com

Venezuela: Mérida

  • When: El 5 de febrero, alrededor de las 6:00 pm | Around 5th February, about 7 p.m.

  • Where: Residencias Habizum, al lado de la estación de servicios de Beto Petrol del Colegio de Abogados.

  • What: Parrilla, cervezas, vino, quesos, pizza | barbecue, beers, wine, cheez,

  • Bring: Lo que puedas traer | anything people should bring

    • Hector Colina: 1 kg de carne, 1 bolsa de carbón
  • More info: hcolina arroba gmail punto com

Venezuela: Valencia

  • When: 05 o 06 de Febrero

  • Where: Por Confirmar

  • What: Parrilla, Reunión de LUG Vaslibre

  • Bring: Una fiesta de Traje..

  • More info: john.vera1 <at> gmail <pto> com

中國: 德慶

  • 時間: 香港時間(HKT)辛卯年大年初四戌時(陽曆2011年2月6號19:00——21:00)

  • 地點: 紅色動力[Red54.com]QQ群(7051356,同時歡迎其他地區的Debian愛好者參加,加入請註明:Debian 6.0正式發布慶祝晚會)

  • 節目: 聊天,唱歌(所用QQ版本支持群語音的話)

  • 架撐: QQ

  • 組織: 紅色動力[Red54.com]

  • 補充: 若果Debian不能在香港時間辛卯年大年初四戌時之前發布6.0正式版,則晚會另外安排時間,最新消息可在紅動日誌上獲取[http://Log.Red54.com]


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