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== Colombia: Medellin ==
 * '''When:''' February 05, 2011 20:00 EST
 * '''Where:''' Vertigo La 33
 * '''What:''' beer + buffalo wings + talk
 * '''Bring:''' money, laptops, GPG fingerprints...
 * '''More info:''' <<MailTo(rmolina@gmail.com)>>

Squeeze Countdown

Debian Squeeze Release Parties

DebianSqueeze is not released yet but it is scheduled to be released the weekend of the 5th-6th of February. So it is a good time to plan squeeze release party in your country.

Feel free to add your squeeze release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Belarus: Minsk

  • When: Not decided yet (approx. February 05, 2011 15:00 EET)

  • Where: Not decided yet (approx. Minsk, m. Uruch'e, pr-t Nezavisimosti 186, TerraPizza)

  • What: Drink beer and talk

  • Bring: Money, laptops and good mood ;-)

  • More info: <events AT SPAMFREE debian DASH by DOT org>

Colombia: Medellin

  • When: February 05, 2011 20:00 EST

  • Where: Vertigo La 33

  • What: beer + buffalo wings + talk

  • Bring: money, laptops, GPG fingerprints...

  • More info: <rmolina@gmail.com>

Template Squeeze Release Party

Country: City

  • When: date and time

  • Where: good place to party in some city

  • What: description of the planned event

  • Bring: anything people should bring, like food, drink, costumes, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info: link to the page where people can get more information and/or discuss event