Debian Sarge Release Parties

Since DebianSarge is released, please use this page to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Photos: Please use the gallery ask Jonathan Oxer <>.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Belgium: Leuven

Czech republic: Brno

Germany: Berlin

Germany: Berlin

Mexico: Mexico City

Portugal: Lisboa

România: Timişoara

Slovakia: Povazska Bystrica

Switzerland: Zürich

UK: North-East England

I'm keen to meet up with any developers in NE England to say hello and sign some keys. Sarge release party seems good enough an excuse! I see a couple of developers listed for this area. If anyone is keen, contact (note: not a DD). I live in Newcastle.

USA: Boston

USA: Chicago, IL


USA: Portland, OR