Get Debian Buster!

Debian Buster has been released on 2019-07-06! Have a great party!

Debian Buster Release Parties

Yes, DebianBuster has been released!

Feel free to add your Buster release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Australia: Canberra

Country: City

Austria: Wels

  • When: 2019-07-12T18:30:00+02:00, open end.

  • Where: VALUG Klubraum, Alter Schl8hof Wels (map)

  • What: Relaxed meeting, sitting/standing together, chatting about technical/social/other topics.

  • Provided: Mate, lemonade, chips and other snack food.

  • Bring: Any other food you like, GPG keys, good mood.

  • More info: (VALUG Voralpen Linux User Group)

  • Promotion: (Mastodon announcement).

  • Reports: (Report about the event)

Bolivia: La Paz

  • Cuándo: Sábado 6 de Julio desde el mediodía (12:00 PM)

  • Dónde: Casa de Jhtan, a unas cuadras del Teleférico Amarillo en El Alto. Al mediodía estaremos en el Teleférico esperando a los que quieran asistir. Si llegas tarde nos puedes llamar. Ubicación.

  • Qué haremos: Celebraremos el lanzamiento de Debian Buster: tendremos charlas improvisadas, fiesta de firmado de claves GPG, etc. Si las ISOs salen a tiempo, habrá un mini install fest.

  • Lo que habrá: torta Debian, parrilla y música.

  • Lo que necesitas llevar: Laptop y algo de dinero para las cuotas, además los snacks siempre son bienvenidos

  • Más información:

  • Contacto: 68106953 (Donato),

Brazil: Curitiba

  • When: July 06 - 11:00AM to 17:00 (UTC-3)

  • Where: Bosque São Cristóvão - Memorial Italiano (R. Margarida Ângela Zardo Miranda, s/n)

  • What: Celebrate Debian Buster release! / Celebrar o lançamento do Debian Buster!

  • Provided: GPG fingerprint

  • Bring: Money to lunch and to enter (7 BRL) / Dinheiro para o Almoço e para entrada (R$ 7)

  • More info:

  • Promotion: To be defined / A Definir

  • Reports: links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event.

Brazil: Foz do Iguaçu

  • When: July 06 - 19:00AM to 22:00 (UTC-3)

  • Where: - Foz do Iguaçu (map)

  • What: Celebrate Debian Buster release! / Celebrar o lançamento do Debian Buster!

  • Provided: GPG fingerprint

  • Bring: Money to buy beers and burgers / Dinheiro pra cerveja e hamburgers

  • Bring: To be defined / A Definir

  • More info: To be defined / A Definir

  • Promotion: To be defined / A Definir

  • Reports: links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event.

Canada: Montréal

Come and join us for a Debian & Stuff during the day and a social event in the evening at ?MaBrasserie for food & drinks.

Debian & Stuff

The idea behind Debian & Stuff events is to have an informal gathering of the local Debian community to work on Debian-related stuff - or not. Come and chat with us, hack on a nice project, everyone is welcome!

  • When: Saturday July 6th, from 10:00 to ~17h30

  • Where: Collège de Maisonneuve) room E3305

  • Bring: Your laptop, GPG fingerprints slips if you want to have people sign your key

Social Event

Come and have some food and drinks with us at ?MaBrasserie!

  • When: Saturday July 6th, from ~18:15 to whenever it ends :D

  • Where: MaBrasserie

China: Beijing

China: Chongqing

  • When: July 6, 15:00 PM - 17:00 PM

  • Where: Meeting room, Shangjie Media Group, Building Fenghuang C, Chongqing.(重庆市两江新区凤凰C座6楼商界传媒集团会议室)

  • What: Celebrate the Debian 10 release

  • Provided: sosconf stickers

  • Bring: laptop, portable disk, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info:

  • Promotion:

China: Shanghai

Finland: Vantaa

  • When: Saturday July 6th 2019 from 19:00 onwards

  • Where: Restaurant Skaba Bar - Laukkarinne 4-6, 01200 Vantaa (map)

  • What: Informal party at local pub to celebrate the tenth major release of Debian

  • Provided: Good company, inexpensive beer, a place at the band's table

  • Bring: Yourself, a good mood, laptop a bonus for live install fest

  • More: Later in the evening we have option to continue in night club Piilopaikka close by

France: Lille

  • When: Saturday October 5th 2019 from 10:00

  • Where: M.R.E.S., 23 rue Gosselet, Lille (openstreetmap)

  • What: Debian Buster Release Party and More

  • Provided: what we need

  • Bring: what you want :)

  • More infos: l'agenda du libre and debian wiki.

French Polynesia: Papeete

  • When: Saturday July 6th 2019 from 17:00

  • Where: Les 3 Brasseurs

  • What: Debian Buster Release Party

  • Provided: ISO images.

  • Bring: money for beer or snack, laptop for live install party, GPG fingerprints…

Germany: Frankfurt

  • When: 2019-07-06, 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC)

  • Where: Hackerspace des ccc-ffm, Häuser Gasse 2, 60487 Frankfurt am Main (map)

  • What: Comfortable get together and ?InstallParty

  • Provided: drinks & snacks at moderate prices, public internet access

  • Bring: Anything that deserves a Debian installation.

  • Promotion: TBA

  • Reports: TBA

Germany: Ingolstadt

Germany: Munich

Germany: Oberhausen

  • When: Jul 06 2019 18:00 (local time)

  • Where: Unterhaus, Friedrich-Karl-Straße 4, 46045 Oberhausen (map)

  • What: Debian Buster Release Party, celebrating the 10!

  • Provided: Electricity, tables, chairs, drinks, snacks, possibly veggie food, free while stocks last. Donate if you come and feel like. Basic internet access, some network hardware.

  • Bring: Can bring additional drinks, snacks, your laptop if you want to do an upgrade or install at the party, random stuff!

  • More info: There are numerous sources of food, snacks and drinks nearby if we run out of these, there is also a commercial 90s trash party and night clubs nearby and open later in the evening.

Germany: Regensburg

Germany: Rostock

Germany: Tübingen

  • When: 2019-07-06, 9:30 - 19:30

  • Where: Sand, Tübingen (map)

  • What: Tübix - Linux Day.

  • Provided: There will be some food and drinks to buy.

  • Bring: You can bring more food, please coordinate with the organizers.

  • More info: There will be a number of Debian Developers giving talks.

Hong Kong

  • When: 2019-07-06 15:00 HKT / UTC+8

  • Where: ?DimSumLabs (website)

  • What: Buster Release Party: installation, upgrades and drinks

  • Provided: place to sit, IPv4+IPv6 fiber internet, inexpensive beer and soft drinks, and the most important: file-server with Debian 10 images

  • Bring: money for drinks, GPG fingerprints (for signing), laptop, USB stick for live DVD or new install

India: Chennai

India: Delhi

  • When: 21-07-2019 , 10:00 IST

  • Where: 91 ?SpringBoard, sector-18, Gurgaon

  • What: Debian 10 (Buster) release party, the party where the biggest devOPs groups in Delhi are going to meet. From newbies to experts all are coming together to learn,inspire and talk on Debian and cutting edge technologies. We would be looking forward to hearing your Dev Stories and Debian experiences and how that has shaped your actions, work, passion and maybe life in general. So come meet us for a day filled with amazing Tech talks and demos.

  • Provided: Cake, food, Stickers, Badges

  • Bring: Get your laptops to follow along, and get the new Debian 10 i,e Buster (if you wish)

  • Register at:

India: Hyderabad

India: Kerala

Debian Buster Release Parties in Kerala can be listed here.

Kerala: Ernakulam

Debian Buster Release Parties in Ernakulam is listed here.

* FISAT, Angamaly, 10am 9th July, 2019

Ernakulam: FISAT

* When: 9th of July 2019, 10:00 am

  • Where:CCF LAB (FISAT,Mookkannoor,Angamaly)

  • What: Debian 10 Release Party organized by Federal Institute of Science And Technology, Angamaly

  • Provided: Debian Buster demo and installation; Friendly chat with Debian and FOSS Enthusiasts

  • Bring: Friends,Laptops, Pendrives or DVDs

Kerala: Kannur

Debian Buster Release Parties in Kannur is listed here.

Kannur: Kannur Technolodge

  • When: 4pm on 8th July 2019

  • Where: Kannur Technolodge, 4th Floor, KK Trade Centre, Central Bus Terminal, Thavakkara, Kannur - 670001

  • What: Introduction to Debian, Cake cutting, Install Fest

  • Provided: Cake

  • Bring: Friends

  • More info: Cake sponsored by ?TexBytes

  • Register/RSVP:

  • Promotion: links to mails, blog posts, tweets or other promotion done for the event.


  • Reports: links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event.

Kerala: Thiruvananthapuram

Debian Buster Release Parties in Thiruvananthapuram is listed here.

  • ICFOSS, July 6th 2019, 3:00 pm

  • SPACE, July 6th 2019, 11:30 am

Thiruvananthapuram : ICFOSS

Thiruvananthapuram: SPACE

  • When: July 6th 2019, 11:30 am

  • Where: 22, Watts Lane, Nanthencode, Near Holy Angels ISC School (map)

  • What: Debian Release Party Organized by SPACE-KERALA

  • Provided: Cake & Wine

  • Bring: Bring Laptops if you want to install Debian 10

  • More info:

  • Contact:Jithin Ph. 9947297599 , Aravind Ph. 9497667215

Kerala: Thrissur

Debian Buster Release Parties in Thrissur can be listed here.

Thrissur: Environment Center

  • When: July 6th 2019

  • Where: KSSP Office, Guruvayoor Road, ?WestFort, Thrissur

  • What: Debian Release Party

  • Bring: Bring Laptops if you want to install Debian 10

  • Programs: Talk about Free Software and its importance, Introducing Debian, Cake cutting, Discussion about Free Software adoption.

Thrissur: Vidya Academy of Science And Technology

  • When: August 24 2019, 9 am

  • Where: Vidya Academy of Science And Technology, Thalakkotukara, Thrissur (map)

  • What: Debian Release Party & Packaging Workshop organized by FOSSers VAST, the FOSS club

  • Provided: Cake, Tea, Swags

  • Bring: Bring a Linux installed laptop for the workshop. We'll also help in Buster installation.

  • More info:

  • Contact:Subin Ph. 7012929817


Thrissur: St Thomas College

  • When: July 11th 2019, 1:30PM

  • Where: St Thomas College, Thrissur

  • What: Debian Release Party

  • Bring: Bring Laptops if you want to install Debian 10

  • Programs: Talk about Free Software and its importance, Introducing Debian, Cake cutting, Discussion about Free Software adoption.

India: Pune

Israel: Ramat Gan

  • When: Wed. 10-Jul, 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

  • Where: Ha-Yetsira St 3 · Ramat Gan, at the Containers area, in front of the Ramat Gan Diamond theatre. (map)

  • What: TBD

  • Provided:

  • Bring:

  • More info: Meetup

  • Promotion:

  • Reports:

Italy: Varese

Japan: Osaka

  • When: 2019/July/07th 13:30 - 17:00 (GMT+9)

  • Where: Room8 ENOCO (Enokojima Culter and Art Centre), 2-1-34 Enokojima, Nishi, Osaka, Japan (map)

  • What: TBA

  • Provided: snacks and drink

  • Bring: food, drink, GPG fingerprints, power cable extension, mobile network device(s)

  • More info: please subscribe to participate

  • Note: Network is not provided.

Japan: Tokyo

  • When: 2019/07/07 (令和元年七夕) party start: 13:00〜 (hack time: 11:30〜13:00)

  • Where: SIOS building 9F, 2-12-3 Minami Azabu Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0047 Japan (map)

  • What: 🎉 Debian10 "buster" 🎉

  • Provided: cake, food, snacks, drinks... + wifi & outlet for your PC :)

  • Bring: food, snack, drink, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info: To participate this party, see

México: CDMX

  • Cuando: Sábado 6 de julio, 12 a 17 hrs.

  • Donde: Rancho Electrónico (mapa)

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Portugal: Braga

South Africa: Cape Town

  • When: 2019-07-06 18:30

  • Where: Woodstock Grill and Tap (home)(map) On Saturdays from 17:00-22:00, all 500g and 700g steaks are half-price. Great for sharing. Beer on tap, as featured at debconf16.

  • RSVP:

  • What: Meet up of Debian contributors and (hopefully) other interested people.

  • Provided: Company.

  • Bring: Money if you want to eat, GPG fingerprints if you want your keys signed.

  • Promotion: TBD

  • Reports: (none yet)

Spain: Güéjar Sierra

  • When: Jul 06 2019 from 13:00 onwards (local time)

  • Where: Plaza Mayor, Güéjar Sierra (map)

  • What: Debian Buster Release Party

  • Provided: Basic internet access, some network hardware, ISO images.

  • Bring: Money for "tapas", your laptop if you want to upgrade or to make a new install, GPG fingerprints, Debian T-shirts, …

  • More info: We will have some "tapas" while we wait until the official installation images are available. We will meet at Plaza Mayor and then we will move to a close pub to have tapas. The pub will be chosen depending of number of people and food preferences. We will try to put a Debian sign at the entry of the selected pub.

Spain: Vigo

  • When: Saturday July 6th, from 17:00 til night

  • Where: Aitire office (map)

  • What: Chillout and networking

  • Provided: Galician empanada, beer and licor café.

  • Bring: Geek/frikie t-shirt

  • More info: (Aitire party web)

Sweden: Gothenburg

  • When: Saturday July 6th, from noon to late

  • Where: Viktoriahuset (front right door up the stairs) map

  • What: Laid-back hacking

  • Provided: Coffee/tea, microwave, internet. Possibility to flash Libreboot/Coreboot

  • Bring: Anything you'd like, a computer, GPG fingerprints, beverages, food ...

  • More info: The door is locked, but do not worry, our contact info can be found upon in. Otherwise you can reach us on the mailing list

Switzerland: Zuerich

  • When: Friday, 12. July 2019 17.00 -21.00

  • Where: revamp-it:

  • What: Debian Buster Release Party, 18.30 Presentation "What's New In Buster" by Axel Beckert

  • Provided: free beer ...

  • Bring: any food you like

  • More Info: revamp-it offers a surprise contest with different debian buster installations - and 5 Thinkpad notebooks to win.

Turkey: Izmir

  • When: July 06, 2019 -- 15:00

  • Where:Dokuz Eylül University (Tinaztepe Campus), Department of Mathematics (map)

  • What: come together and celebrate the new debian release, some talks

  • Provided: dvds for copying and installing debian 10, chat with Debian users at DEU Mathematics Department and Coffee

  • Bring: Yourself!, an open mind for Debian 10, laptops and laptop chargers. Also feel free to bring your own foods, drinks, etc

UK: Cambridge

  • When: SUNDAY 7th July 2pm onwards

  • Where: The Haymakers pub, 54 High Street Chesterton, Cambridge CB41NG

  • What: Being held on the Sunday because by the time Buster is fully released and the images have been pushed to the mirrors sunday will have already arrived :-)

  • Wear: Debian T-Shirt etc (So bar staff know who you are)

  • Bring: (optional) keyslips and ID :-)

  • More info: We will either be outside in the garden or in the back bar of the pub depending on the weather

  • Reports: Will follow after the event

  • Promotion:

UK: Manchester

US: Berkeley

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