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 * '''Where:''' on the [[http://debian-party-line.branchable.com/|Debian Party Line]], a mumble-based voice chat.  * '''Where:''' on the DebianPartyLine, a mumble-based voice chat.

Debian Bullseye Release Parties

Feel free to add your bullseye release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Bolivia: La Paz (Debian Day x Release Party)

¡Dos fiestas en una!

  • Cuándo: Este sábado 14 de Agosto, desde las 2 PM.

  • Dónde: r00thouse con transmisión online en www.hacklab.org.bo

  • Lo que habrá: Charlas random sobre Debian y software libre. Comentarios sobre el Hackmeeting 2021. ¡Torta Debian!

  • Trae: ¡Los snacks son bienvenidos! Trae tu laptop también. No te olvides de la bioseguridad básica.

  • Contacto: @LuisMitaHL en Telegram. Si te interesa, por favor avísanos previamente :)

Brazil: Curitiba

  • Quando (When): 14 de Agosto de 2021

  • Onde (Where): Online

  • Atividades (What):

    • Palestra 1:
      • Título: O que é o Debian - uma visão geral sobre o sistema operacional universal.
      • Horário: 10h da manhã.
      • Onde: no canal Debian Brasil no YouTube: https://deb.li/phlsdeb

    • Palestra 2:
      • Título: Demonstrações de como migrar sua versão estável para a nova versão. Cuidados a serem tomados, etc.
      • Horário: 19h30
      • Onde: Canal Debian Brasil no Youtube

  • Provided: Em breve

  • Bring: Nada! Apenas estar presente!

  • More info: Em breve

  • Promotion: Em Breve

  • Reports: Em breve

Brazil: Debianópolis

Germany: Rostock

  • When: Saturday, 2021-08-14 from 17:00 onwards

  • Where: Opennet Initiative & Hackspace & Friends @ Warnow Valley Rostock (map)

  • What: Cosy open release party

  • Provided: free place to sit and meet, access to kitchen, some drinks, open grill/barbecue

  • Bring: as you prefer - please bring your barbecue food



  • Cakes:

cake-1-small.jpg cake-2-small.jpg

Italy: Online

India: Kerala

  • When: 16/08/2021, 11.00 AM

  • Where: ICFOSS, Trivandrum and https://bbb.icfoss.org/b/see-yte-fv2-qzx

  • What: Open release party, interactive talks on FOSS and Debian release, Chit Chat show etc. This is gonna be a physical event inside ICFOSS with the virtual presence of large student community in Kerala(FOSS CELL) - https://icfoss.in/events

  • Provided: An open platform to connect with the FOSS Cell student community and other FOSS enthusiasts.

  • Bring: Join us with an open mindset and bring your friends also.

  • More info: https://icfoss.in/events

  • Reports: Photos will be published later.

Peru: Lima (online)

Sweden: Stockholm

  • When: 14th August, Saturday, 16:00-18:00

  • Where: Mosebacketerrassen : Mosebacke Torg, 116 46 Stockholm

  • What: Drinking Beers and eating food

  • Bring: Money for food/drinks

  • More info: An open area bar to keep safe distancing. We will celebrate anniversary w/ release party together. Bring your smile and a paper with your PGP keys in case you want to get it signed.

  • Reports: We will publish photos later.


Add your city

Enter city name (in format Country/City with no spaces) in the text box below and press the button:

Debian Party Line

There will also be a distributed release celebration on the Debian Party Line, a mumble-based voice chat.

  • Where: on the DebianPartyLine, a mumble-based voice chat.

  • What: talk, maybe music

  • Promotion: #debian-devel

  • Reports:

  • List of potential attendants: